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Corner Challenge: Who Knew

A challenge about corners was issued on the WritingLines yahoo group.  I had to play too.

Who Knew

I looked at him, confusion evident on my face.   Oh I understood his grunts and growls.  I'd lived with the Neanderthal for too many years not to understand his language.

A deep guttural growl accompanied by a finger point was his answer to my confusion.

This time I looked at him with surprise.  He was serious!  Oh, yes, with another growl, along with his distinctive snarl and I was in no doubt that he was serious.   I decided quickly to obey his atavistic demand.

I scampered to the place he had gestured to me earlier.  Who knew caves had corners?


  1. Dizzy,

    that was equal parts funny and lovely. Loved it!

  2. Oh thank you Chris T. Kat! I had a blast playing with this! I'm so happy that you stopped by.