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Little Fantasies: The Battlefield

Little Fantasies: The Battlefield

As I got into the car I grinned at Alex and thought could we be any geekier?  Dressed in civil war garb we were heading to watch a reenactment of a local battle.   It was a pretty Saturday with the sky clear and the temperatures warm but not hot.  The perfect day for two history buffs to have fun.

"What are you grinning about?"  Alex asked with a grin of his own.

My smile grew wider; I'd been feeling....well  brattish lately.  Ever since Alex had picked up on my subtle hints to bring spanking and discipline into our relationship, I'd thoroughly enjoyed the dance of discipline that was uniquely ours. I could signal to him quite loudly what I wanted while actually saying very little.

"Nothing," I answered him.  "Just a great day for a battle, eh?"

"Yes, it is.  Now buckle up, whelp."

"Whelp?" I cried.  "Listen here, Dixie-man, you're going down today!"  I fastened my seat belt, and then pulled my Union soldier's cap down a little on my head.   Alex was dressed in a Confederate's shirt and hat while I wore the colors of the Union.  We often wore opposing armies shirts, just to make the battle more fun.  We could call out insults and challenges to each other.  And the winner got the most wonderful of the war spoils once we got back home.

"Well, historically the Union did gain the upper hand at this particular battlefield, but you do know that a few of the Confederates fell back," He informed me in a "history teacher's" voice.  Then his tone became sinister.  "And I've heard rumors they captured a few young Union men.  No telling what they did to their enemy.  Maybe even spanked them."

The banter back and forth was liberally doused with talk of spanking as we drove out to the battlefield that was held on a small farm out in the country.  This was the type of teasing that had become common for us, and I suspected when we got home tonight, hot, tired, and dusty, I'd probably end up over his lap.

As we got out of the car, we toned down our more intimate talk, and walked around the camps.  The Union camp seemed well prepared for the siege that was about to take place, so we walked through the tents with old fashion wares on display.

As we usually do, we spent way too much money on books of the Civil War and a few new pieces of clothing to add to the small closet in the spare room.  Period clothing was God awful expensive, and when we found a bargain, or something we felt we just had to have, we'd buy it and store it in that closet until the next reenactment.

We took our purchases back to the car and found a good spot under a tree when the crowds started to grow.  Alex and I liked to have the front row seats, with the sounds of the cannons and the smell of gun powder so close we felt that we were actually back in the middle of the war.

The bugle from the Confederates sounded the charge and the battle ensued.  We'd been to the production several times, but that didn't stop the thrill of the battle from effecting both Alex and me.   We stood and watched as the Confederates started with the upper hand, and at one point it looks like they'll win this battle, but with the collapse of the Southern army's cannon, the Union soldiers soon overwhelmed the Confederates.

I was so engrossed in my side running across the field, I was taken by surprise.  My own Confederate soldier bent over and with his shoulder in my stomach, stood back up.  I was helpless, hanging upside down over his shoulder, as he strode into the woods.  The crowd must have thought we were part of the show as they clapped and shouted out to us.

Half laughing, half gasping, I barely managed to get out, "What are you doing?"

With a slap to my ass, he ordered, "Shut it.  You're my prisoner now."

I only half struggled.  With the banter in the car on the way out, I'd been expecting a spanking when we got home.  But maybe Alex wasn't going to wait.  We've been playing with spankings for a few months now, but always only in the privacy of our own home, our own bedroom.  This was new and public and I didn't know what I thought of that.  Oh it was exciting as hell, but also terrifying.

Another slap to my ass, this one a little harder, encouraged me to not struggle so much.  Alex carried me further into the woods, past a small creek, and up the bank to a more dense forrest.  When he finally set me on my feet, I stumbled a bit as the blood rushed out of my head.  Once the world quit spinning, I swallowed hard.  Alex had a small branch in his hand.  A small branch that might otherwise be called a switch.  Oh, he was keeping this authentic!

"I saw you watching the battle from afar," Alex said menacingly.  "You might be young, but you should've been in the fight with the rest of your troops."

"UH!  Me!  You've deserted your troops," I said in outrage.

"I have my orders; orders that you aren't privy to!" He said with a smirk.

"Oh yeah?"  My comeback left a lot to be desired, but I hadn't been given a script to this little play.

"Yes.  Would you like to know what my orders are?"

I swallowed hard.  Did I want to know?  I was always the kid that was afraid of the monsters in my closet; shaking in fear until I got tired of being afraid.  Then with more balls than brains I'd throw back the covers and dive head first into the closet to confront those monsters.  This was Alex's way of giving me a way out if I was too afraid to go any further with this scenario.  Oh, hell, I thought.  Let's dive head first.

Throwing my shoulders back and puffing my chest up, I snarled, "What are your orders, Captain?"

Alex smiled for just a moment, then got back into character.  "My orders are, if it looked as if we'd lose this battle, to capture the smallest Union runt and get information from him.  With a switch if needed."

"I'm no spy!" I said furiously and took a step closer to him.  That switch was intriguing, or maybe I'd just lost my mind.

Suddenly, Alex grabbed me and bent me over.  My hands stretched out instinctively to brace myself against a tree.

"The switch it is," Alex said beside me and brought the switch down on my butt.

Oh, it stung, but not the same sting as his hand.  It was sharper, and in one straight line across my ass.  Where had he learned to swing a switch, I wondered.  But before I could ask him, another one of those sharp stings landed.

"Where is the Union marching too?" Alex asked and brought the switch down again.

Gasping, I yelled back, "I'll never tell you!"

"Shh, not so loud unless you want an audience." Alex broke character, but quickly went back to being a Confederate.  "I can do this all day.  All night, too, if I needed.  How long can your butt hold out?"

With another swipe of that thin stick, I wasn't sure.  Individually they stung but were bearable.  However, as they built in number so did they in intensity.  Suddenly I couldn't remember where the Union marched to next.   With the next strike, I had a moment of inspiration.  "I don't know where they're going!  I'm just a poor drummer boy!  I didn't want to stay on the farm, so I joined the army!"

Another strike brought the number to six and Alex said, "Leave it to me, to get the one soldier who doesn't know anything."

"I don't!  I don't know anything!" I assured him.

"Stand up, boy," Alex said.

Once I'd followed his order, he snapped the small branch in two.  "You're coming with me.  I need a bed warmer.  Don't think of trying to escape, I'd find you.  And there's plenty more switches in the forrest."

At my nod of compliance, Alex dipped his head and captured my mouth.  God was he hot!  The whole scene was hot!  I pushed into him, but Alex pulled back.

"I was pretty sure we could get away with a little spanking, but I don't want to push our luck with a quickie.  If anyone came upon us, I could always say it was part of the act, but I don't think anyone would buy that excuse with our pants down, do you?"  Alex asked.

"Can we at least head home now?  I'm about to bust out!" I gestured to my groined.

"Yeah, let's head home; this battle has been won."

The walk back to the car and the ride home, kept the small welts of the switch humming nicely.  The jeans rubbed just enough to remind me they were there, and sitting on a freshly switched ass was a new experience.   I glanced over at Alex when we pulled into the driveway.  The bulge in his own pants was just as big as when we left the farm.  I grinned at him as we went into the house.

"What are you grinning about?" He asked.

"Nothing," I laughed.  "Just a great day for a battle, eh?"

Suddenly, I found myself over his shoulder for the second time that day.  Alex strode toward our bedroom, laughing back at me, "Oh, yes, great day for a battle."

The End.

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