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Snippet: Midnight Snack

A few people on the Den posted some pictures and words to help spark a story or two. Bill and Lane told me a little snippet of their life.

Title: Midnight Snacks
Characters: Bill/Lane

He was suffocating. He couldn’t breathe. He was dying from lack of oxygen. Suddenly, Bill startled awake to find his dream was rooted in reality. He pushed Sir Elton, Lane’s large grey cat, from his face and rolled over to gather Lane in his arms. But all he found was the cold, empty sheets. Sir Elton came over and head-butted Bill.

“Where is your master?” Bill asked as he stroked the soft fur. The cat’s answer was to head-butt him again. Gently he lifted the cat away from him and went in search of his little bird. Not bothering with shorts or one of the silky robes Lane had, he padded barefoot out of the bedroom. The carpet on the stairs muffled the sound as he descended them. Once downstairs, he turned to go into the kitchen.

The sight that greeted him, started his heart racing with excitement. He leaned against the doorframe and drank in the scene. There, in front of him, spotlighted by the glow of the refrigerator light, was a plump, bare behind. The butt that Bill loved to squeeze. The cheeks that reddened so delightfully when he spanked them. Right now those cheeks were too white.

Pushing lanky body away from the doorframe, Bill silently walked across the cold tile floor. When he was within reach, Bill swung his arm back and gave the plump cheeks a sharp swat.


Bill chuckled as Lane squealed. He would have bet good money that Lane jumped and twirled around in one move. Just like the dancers in the musicals he loved.

“Bill! You scared me!” Lane screeched.

“I couldn’t resist such beautiful target.” Bill’s heart swelled with love when Lane blushed at the word beautiful. “What are you doing down here?”

“I was hungry and thought I’d have a midnight snack.”

Bill raised an eyebrow. “At two in the morning?”

“Don’t act like a late night snack is weird! Why else would refrigerators have lights?”

“Why else indeed,” Bill agreed. “Hand me the eggs and some cheese. I’ll make some omelets.”

Tying one of Lane’s aprons around his waist, Bill smiled knowing that this was what had been missing in his life. Midnight snacks in the nude with a man he was falling in love with.


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