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Leland and RJ **New

Dr. Leland Bradshaw- (blond, green eyes, ruddy complexion-37) optometrist, has his own small clinic Oldest of 3 siblings-brother-Darby Sister-Eileen Mom and Dad still alive, lives on a farm outside the small town that Leland and RJ live in.

Richard James (RJ) Marton-(dark hair, brown eyes, olive skin-32 years old) freelance photographer, local newspaper photographer; raised by his grandmother after his parents were killed in a car wreck. RJ always tries to please everyone, doesn’t want to make waves. Only child.

Weapon at Hand: Leland and RJ are at Teardrop Lake.  Spatula challenge.

On A Tuesday: Leland and RJ are still on vacation at Teardrop Lake.  Several challenge responses: Tuesday, To Obey or Not To Obey

Memories: Leland and RJ at Teardrop Lake making memories.

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