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FIC: Cooked Goose

I'd gotten a couple of responses from the recent Ken/Jess story Happy Anniversary, asking about what happened with Bill and Lane. My own Neanderthal was out of town, so I had a chance to write their little story.

Title: Cooked Goose
Characters: Bill/Lane

Pulling into the parking lot, Bill smiled to himself. He was imagining the look on Lane’s face when he surprised him for lunch. He’d probably squeal and blush in delight. That was what he’d been missing in his life. And he hadn’t even known anything was missing. But Lane had flown in and filled his life with the sun, the stars, and the moon. Bill laughed to himself. He wasn’t a poetic or particularly romantic type of person. Lane just seemed to bring those qualities out in him. He shook his head and looked for a place to park.

At the moment Bill was pulling his truck into an empty parking spot, he saw Lane running to his car. His ray of sunshine looked more like a thundercloud. Bill grimaced in disappointment. He really should have called first to see if Lane had time to go out for lunch.

Throwing his truck in reverse, he noticed a familiar truck in the empty lot next to the shopping center. Bill groaned. That was Jess’s truck. Bill didn’t need to have a calculator to add two and two. He knew something had to have happened between Lane and Jess. The two men were polar opposites and sometimes grated on each other’s nerves.

Following Lane’s little car, Bill told himself that if Lane pulled into a client’s place he’d drive on by and go home. He just couldn’t shake the feeling deep in his gut that there was more going on than just a standard business meeting.

When Lane pulled up to Ken’s cabinet shop, he knew his instincts were correct. Before Bill could park, Lane had jumped out of his car and ran inside. Bill parked right in front of the door and climbed out of his truck.

He walked in just in time to hear Lane say, “I just told you! He said fiddlesticks. But it was fuck. Then he stomped away. It was very manly and such an alpha male! My heart did start beating fast. But I have Bill now. So anyway, he got in his truck and drove off. I just ran back to my car and drove straight here! I just don’t know what that man was thinking!”

Bill could see the anxiety in Ken’s face. That was a man who needed to get to his lover. Bill smiled, nodded, and then walked up and took Lane by the hand. “Come on, little bird. Now that you’ve spread panic and mayhem, we should go home.” Despite the slow drawl, Bill’s voice was stern.

“Panic and mayhem? Why I didn’t do that!” Lane’s voice was even higher, making Ken flinch.

“Oh, you did. And you know you did. Say goodbye to Ken, and let’s go home and discuss this.” Bill firmly pulled Lane out of the shop. “Come on, little bird. Your goose is about to be cooked,” Bill drawled out. “And I’m the chef.”

“EEP!” Lane squawked. Then he cleared his throat and said, “I’m mean, what?”

“I think we need to head home and have a discussion about your tendency to create drama.”

Lane’s eyes widened in surprise, but the sparkle hadn’t dimmed at all. Not too long ago after a night of erotic spanking and sex, Lane had confessed to Bill that he’d always been fascinated with spankings as discipline. Bill knew that this was the time to introduce his little bird to the less pleasant side of spankings.

“Get in your car and drive on home. I’ll follow you.” Bill knew his voice sounded stern, but it did the trick. Lane hurriedly ran to his car and got in.

Traffic was heavy, but Bill managed to stay in sight of the little car. He suspected that Lane was looking in his rearview mirror. Bill wondered if seeing his truck was comforting to his little bird or scary.

In the small neighborhood Lane lived in, traffic all but disappeared. The houses were well kept with lawns nicely mowed. Although the driveway was designed for two cars, Bill parked right behind Lane.

Both of them got out of their cars at the same time and walked companionably to the door. Bill took the keys out of Lane’s trembling hands. Unlocking the door, the men were met with demanding meows from Sir Elton, Lane’s cat.

“I’m going to feed him so he won’t bother us The spanking.”

Bill grabbed Lane’s arm before he walked away. “Lane. We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“What? Why not?”

“You’re shaking, sweets. I don’t want to scare you.”

“Scare me?” Lane’s voice was pitched high enough that Bill wondered that the windows didn’t shatter. “I’m not scared! Well, maybe a little. I’ve never been spanked. Well, I have but not like this. So, I’m a little nervous. Not scared! I just can’t believe-“

Bill needed to stop this now. Lane on a roll could go on for hours. “Lane. Stop.”

Lane’s mouth hung open at Bill’s forceful voice.

“Feed your cat. When you are done, come up to your bedroom.” With the simple directives given, Bill turned and went upstairs.

He was surprised when Lane stood in the doorway just a few minutes later. Bill had just sat down on the bed. He had half expected Lane to dawdle. “Elton taken care of? Ok. Come here.”

Bill watched Lane closely as he walked toward him. Once he was within arm’s reach, Bill took each of Lane’s hands in his own. “Do you need to pee?”

“What? No!”

“Don’t get excited, I just don’t want to get started and then have to stop halfway through.”

“Oh. I didn’t even think of that. No, I don’t need to go.”

“Ok, so let’s talk a minute. I know you were just wanting to help Jess, but sometimes...a lot of times...your help is overwhelming.” Bill wanted Lane to understand that this spanking wasn’t meant to curb his exuberance. It was to help Lane stop and think if his interference is even wanted.

“But, Bill. Those two are clueless. They didn’t even know it was their anniversary!”

Bill hid his smile. Lane’s tone was the same as if he’d just said that the two other men had murdered someone. “It’s just not important to them. Not like it is to you. You know that. So why would you even go over and say anything to Jess?”

“I...this is embarrassing. I like him. I want to be friends with him. We could be couple-friends! Have dinners together. Game nights! We could have movie nights together.”

Bill held tight to Lane’s hands. Lane’s communication was as much his body language as it was his voice. He didn’t want Lane to get on too much of a roll. “Lane. Stop. I’m not sure Jess...or even Ken.....would want to do stuff like that. But coming at them full force is only going to push Jess away.”

Lane’s face was crestfallen as he said, “I just want to be friends.”

“I know you do. And I think Jess does like you. You just have to take things slower. We’ve talked about this before, yes?” When Lane nodded, Bill decided to not drag it out any longer and pronounced his punishment. “I think six swats might help you to take it a bit slower with Jess.”

Lane wrinkled his nose and huffed. “Six! Just six? That’s not really a punishment!”

“Lane. I think you will find that six is enough. If it happens again, we’ll increase it to an even dozen next time. OK?”

“OK.” Doubt filled Lane’s voice, but Bill knew that doubt would change soon. He pulled Lane closer and undid his pants. He let them drop to the floor. “Step out.”

Lane did as he was told and bent down to pick them up. “Let me fold them. They are made of Egyptian cotton and wrinkle horribly!”

Bill knew when to argue and when to not. This was not one of those time. He waited patiently as Lane folded his pants and laid them on the bed.

“Shorts too. I want to see what damage I’m inflicting,” Bill said.

“EEP! I mean. Ok.”

Bill swallowed to keep his laughter from bursting out. When Lane had his pants and underwear folded nicely, Bill guided him over his lap. “Ok. Six swats and next time, you’ll think before rushing over and creating havoc.”

The first swat left a handprint blooming a dark scarlet. Bill knew it wasn’t so much the force behind the swat, but that Lane’s backside was the definition of “lily white”. Still, he’d have to take care not to bruise him. The next five swats were delivered slowly and thoroughly. The six spanks to the white cheeks left them glowing a bright red. They also left Lane dripping in tears.

“Come here.” Bill laid back and pulled Lane with him. He half lifted Lane up and brought him close to his side. “It’s ok. You’re alright.” He continued to murmur words of comfort as he stroked Lane’s back.

As Lane’s tears dried, Bill continued to hold him. Softly he asked, “So, what do you think of your first discipline type spanking?”

“I think I don’t want another one. It hurt!”

Bill smiled at the pitiful voice. “I think that’s the purpose of a spanking.” He knew they’d have to get up sometime and get something for dinner, but right now he just wanted to enjoy holding the man he loved. It was times like this when Lane was calm and talking from his heart, that they learned the most about each other. “So, no more punishment spankings?”

The bed jostled as Lane struggled to sit up. Bill grunted when Lane’s elbow dug into his stomach. Lane’s panic-stricken eyes met his. “No. That’s not what I said! I don’t want another spanking like that....but, I want that kind of spanking in our relationship.”

Chuckling, Bill knew exactly what Lane was saying. And he wanted the same. Reaching up to smooth Lane’s hair, he leaned up and gave him a soft kiss. “I want that in our relationship too.”

He tucked Lane back against his chest and gave him another kiss. “Let’s just lay here for a bit longer and then I’ll make us some dinner.”

“Comfort food?” Lane suggested.

“Like ‘cooked goose’?” Bill laughed when Lane gasped in dramatic outrage. Yes, this man was his sun, his star, and his moon. Bill knew that they’d have their ups and downs, but they’d always find the laughter.


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