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FIC: Happy Anniversary

Ken and Jess had an anniversary!

Title: Happy Anniversary
Characters: Ken/Jess
Guest characters: Bill/Lane
Implement: Leather paddle

Ken was just reaching for a tape measure when a loud bang echoed through the shop. Quickly he turned and scanned the cabinet shop. His eagle eye took in all his employees. He wanted to make sure no one was hurt. Once he was sure all were safe, even though they were startled, he turned to the door to see what the racket was about.

He could see Lane standing in the doorway. The other man must have swung the door open so hard that it banged against the metal siding of the building. Ken knew the minute Lane saw him. The man squealed and waved his hands over his head as he came rushing toward him.

“Ken! Thank goodness you are here! Jess just stormed off! He was so upset! He even said fiddlesticks. Well, he said fuck, but I just couldn’t say it. It’s so vulgar, you know?”

The only words Ken really heard were that Jess had stormed off. Jess was the only thing that mattered to him. Something serious had to have happened for Lane to come to the shop. “Lane. Stop. Where did you see Jess? Why did he storm off?”

Fluttering his hands, Lane tried to calm himself enough to talk. “Well, I saw Jess’s truck in the lot next to the shopping center. The shopping center my event planning is in. Oh! I don’t think you’ve ever been to my shop. Wait! Have you? Did you come in with Jess at any time?”

Ken gritted his teeth. He didn’t want to yell or scare the man, but damn it, he needed to know what was wrong with Jess! “Lane. Tell. Me. About. Jess!”

“Well, there’s that empty lot next to our shopping center, you know. Oh, maybe you don’t know.” Lane paled when Ken snarled deep in his throat. The little man hurriedly explained, “Jess was there. I think he’s the contractor or builder or whatever on the new building that is going up there. So I stopped by to say hello and ask what he was doing for your anniversary. You do know it’s your anniversary, right?”

Ken shook his head no. He just thought it was a regular, old Thursday.

Throwing his hands up again, Lane’s voice was shrill and full of disappointment. “Oh, you two! Neither of you have a romantic bone one in your body!”

“Lane. What happened. To. Jess!”

“I just told you! He said fiddlesticks. But it was fuck. Then he stomped away. It was very manly and such an alpha male! My heart did start beating fast. But I have Bill now. So anyway, he got in his truck and drove off. I just ran back to my car and drove straight here! I just don’t know what that man was thinking!”

Ken had a pretty good idea what his boy was thinking. Jess was probably angry with himself that he’d forgotten such an important date. Ken looked at Lane but didn’t want to have to explain. What was between him and Jess would stay between them. Luckily at that moment, Bill came strolling in the open door.

Bill gave Ken his slow, lazy smile, a nod, and then walked up and took Lane by the hand. “Come on, little bird. Now that you’ve spread panic and mayhem, we should go home.” Despite the slow drawl, Bill’s voice was stern.

“Panic and mayhem? Why I didn’t do that!” Lane’s voice was even higher, making Ken flinch.

“Oh, you did. And you know you did. Say goodbye to Ken, and let’s go home and discuss this.”

Ken didn’t waste time watching the two men go out the door. He quickly explained to his shop supervisor that he needed the rest of the day off, and to close up at the end of the day. Ken was thankful that his shop ran so smoothly that the men working there didn’t need a lot of supervision.

Jumping in his truck, Ken headed to the outskirts of town. He had first met Jess at a seedy little bar there. But when he drove by, the parking lot was all but empty. One lone motorcycle was there, no sign of Jess’s truck.

Maybe he went home, Ken thought. The thirty-minute drive to their house seemed like an eternity. A wasted lifetime as Ken pulled into their empty driveway.

“Where are you, boy?” Ken didn’t think that Jess would go to the creek that they’d taken Kevin to. Deciding the best course of action would be to go back to where it began. Maybe Lane was in his shop and could shed a little more light on which way Jess’s truck went.

Pulling into the shopping center parking lot, Ken drove slowly, looking for a place to park, when he spotted Jess’s truck. It was in the corner of the parking lot, near an upscale bar. Ken parked right beside the truck.

It wasn’t hard to spot Jess sitting at the bar. The few people inside were wearing suits and jackets. Jess was wearing jeans, a flannel shirt, and mud-caked boots. Ken watched him for a few moments and then walked up to him.

“Come on, boy. It’s time to go home.” Ken laid his hand on Jess’s shoulder. “I think you’ve had a bit too much to think.”

Jess turned to face Ken. “Don’t you mean a bit too much to drink?”

Ken quirked an eyebrow and smirked. “I paid your tab. You had one shot when you got here and been nursing that one drink since.” Ken wasn’t anymore romantic than Jess, but he could have sworn he felt his heart swell with love as he watched Jess. Red crept up his boy’s neck and into his face. His shoulders hunched and he ducked his head down.

“Today’s our anniversary,” Jess mumbled.

“Yeah, I know.”

Refusing to meet Ken’s eyes, Jess mumbled again, “I forgot. Lane told me.”

“Yeah. I know. I forgot too. Lane came by and told me. And he told me that he probably spooked you.”

“He didn’t spook me!”

Ken smothered a grin hearing the disgust in Jess’s voice at the word spook. “Of course not. I have no doubt you stop at this kind of yuppie bar every afternoon.”

Jess’s eyes widen as he took in his surroundings. “Shit. Didn’t even notice. But the beer is still wet.”

“So that’s how you’re going to deal with things now? By drinking?” Ken watched as the flush of embarrassment darkened to a flush of anger. He knew exactly who that anger was directed to. Jess had always been hardest on himself. Jess was angry at himself that he’d turned to alcohol, just like his father always had. But Ken also knew how to help Jess balance his feelings of anger. “We have our own way of dealing with things, don’t we?”

Ken walked to his truck with Jess by his side. He opened the passenger door and nodded. “Get in.”

“My truck’s right over there.”

Ken leaned in close to Jess. “I didn’t ask you where your truck was at. I told you to get in. Now.”

Jess shot him a wary look and got in the truck. Ken walked around the truck and got in the driver’s side. Throwing his arm back, he twisted to watch as he backed out of the parking spot. He looked at Jess and said. “I’ll bring you back in the morning so you can get your truck.”

The drive across town was quick. As Ken pulled into their driveway, he turned to Jess. “I think for tonight, discipline can be done in the bedroom.”

Jess looked at him in surprise, but nodded and got out of the car.

Ken followed him through the door and into the bedroom. “Shed your pants and bend over the bed.” He didn’t have to watch Jess. He knew his boy would obey him. Jess wanted the discipline as much as he needed it. It stopped him from thinking too much and let him accept the emotions he felt. Ken walked over to the closet and knelt down to the small wooden chest they kept their toys in. He bypassed the wooden paddle for the little black leather one.

The wooden paddle signaled punishment to Jess. The leather paddle, however, was used for discipline and for sexual satisfaction. Tonight was about discipline and the sting of the leather would do nicely.

Jess’s bare, white butt greeted him as he turned around. Jess laid bent awkwardly over the bed. This was often the position they used since they were of the same height and weight. But tonight it felt wrong.

“Stand up.” Jess gave him an odd look but obeyed his command. Ken ignored Jess’s look and walked to the bed. He sat down and patted his lap. “Over you go.”

“What? No! I’m too big.”

The horrified look on his boy’s face both amused him and at the same time made his heart break. But this was part of the discipline in their relationship. “Jess. At this point, you are to obey me. Not tell me no. Now, over. You. Go.”

Ken waited as he watched Jess have an internal battle. Jess’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed hard. His hands fisted by his side. He clenched his jaw so hard that Ken wondered he hadn’t broken a tooth. When the stubborn man’s nostrils flared, Ken thought he had pushed him too far.

But trust was the victor when Jess gave a barely perceptible nod and took a step forward. As soon as Jess was in reach, Ken grabbed his wrist and helped him over his lap. This was hard on Jess, and Ken wanted to give him all the support he needed-physically as well as emotionally.

Ken grunted as he situated Jess across his lap. He made sure that Jess’s chest and head were supported by the bed, his legs braced on the floor, and his butt centered on his lap.

“You’ve never solved your problems by drinking. You won’t start now.” Not a lot of words were needed, Ken’s hand came down on his white target.

Jess huffed out a surprised gasp. Ken didn’t hold back his strength giving Jess a hand spanking. Jess was muscular and strong, to make a big impression, Ken couldn’t go easy. He kept up a steady pace, making sure every inch of Jess’s cheeks were hot and red.

“Forgetting our anniversary is not the end of the world. Or our marriage. It would take much more than that to break us apart.” With those two statements hanging in the air, Ken picked up the leather paddle and delivered six hard swats. Three to Jess’s right cheek and three to his left cheek.

Ken gave Jess a few minutes to collect himself, but as soon as his breathing went back to normal, Ken wrestled his boy around until they were lying side by side. Ken turned and faced him. “You good now? Or do you need more?”

“I’m good.” Jess was quick to reassure him.

They laid quietly for a few minutes more. Then Jess lifted his head. “Hey. You forgot our anniversary too. You said, Lane reminded you.”

“Yeah. But I still have something to give you.” Ken laughed when Jess groaned at his corny comment. He wrapped his arms around his boy and kissed him hard. Jess’s groans became one of pleasure. Before he forgot again, Ken whispered, "happy anniversary."


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