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Little Fantasies: At the Office

Little Fantasies: At the Office

Julien watched out the window as a bird landed on a power line.  The swaying of the line was mesmerizing, until the bird suddenly took flight.  Sitting up a little straighter in the uncomfortable office chair, Julien discreetly glanced at his watch.   The meeting had been in session for an eternity but his watch had only shown an hour had passed by.  Wondering how long this meeting was going to last, Julien's eyes gravitated toward the window again.

"Mr. Franks, would you please stay behind after the meeting's adjourned?"  Mr. Miller asked.  And without waiting for Julien's response, Alex continued on with the latest data reports.

Julien blushed when the other team members looked at him.  This was as bad as elementary school and being sent to the principal.   The rest of the meeting went by fairly quickly but Julien had no idea of what was said.

As soon as the last team member was out the door, Julien wondered if he should make an excuse for his wandering mind or play ignorant of why Alex wanted him to stay behind.  He didn't get a chance to decide as Alex started speaking.

"Julien, ever since you brought discipline into our relationship, I've felt that we communicate more deeply.  Don't you agree?" Alex asked.

"Um, yeah, I guess so." Julien sensed a trap, but wanted to be honest too.

"Well, as your team leader as well as your partner, I think we should incorporate discipline in the work place too.  Just to keep the lines of communication open, so to speak.  What do you think?"

"Um, yeah, I guess so."  Julien thought to himself, when had his articulation skills become nonexistent?  He had a college degree and the best he could come up with was 'um, yeah, I guess so'?

"Good, then we are in agreement," Alex said, then continued. "Well, you spent half the time looking out the window and the other half looking at your watch.  I don't think you heard a word of what I was saying, did you?"

"Er, no?"

"No? Are you asking me or telling me?" Alex's left eyebrow was raised almost to his hairline.  Never a good sign in Julien's experience.

Clearing his throat and stating a little more clearly, "no, I didn't hear too much of what you said."

"No, you didn't.  You were too busy looking out the window and at your watch.  So, I think to help you concentrate a little more in the next meeting, a spanking is in order."

Julien nodded his consent.  He had wanted discipline in their relationship, he was the one to originally bring it up.

"I want you to take your watch off and lay it here on the table," Alex pointed to a spot on the large office table.  Once Julien had complied, Alex said, "Now I want you to lie across the table, facing the window."

As nervous as Julien was, he still felt that thrill of arousal when he heard Alex's thin belt whisp through the belt loops.

"You will look out the window and at your watch as you did during the meeting," Alex growled softly.

Julien looked out the window and braced himself for the first lash of that thin leather and then-

"Julien, Julien!"

"Wha-?" Snapping to the here and now, Julien felt Alex's hand on his shoulder.

"The meeting ended 3 minutes ago!  You were just staring off into space," Alex said disapprovingly.  "You really do need to pay attention.  Come on, let's head home, I'll catch you up on the reports on the way home."


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