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Little Fantasies: The Experiment

Alex had decided enough was enough when Julien rolled over and sighed yet again.  "Julien, it's 2:30 in the morning and neither one of us have gotten any sleep, now either tell me what's wrong, or Go. To. Sleep."

"I'd Go. To. Sleep. If I could," Julien snapped mockingly.

In the past, Alex knew this would end in an argument with neither one getting any sleep, but since Julien had made it known that he wanted a more "physcial" relationship which included spankings, Alex felt better equipped to deal with this kind of thing.  He had tools to use, including a hair brush, that would help them work through problems instead of yelling at each other, or icy silences.

"Watch it," Alex warned.  "What's keeping you awake?"

"There's so many things running through my mind:  I can't write the data reports because the progress notes didn't have enough information; I need to remember to take Rufus to the groomer tomorrow; we are out of coffee filters, so I need to remember to go to the store-"

"So," Alex interrupted.  "You have too much on your mind."

"Obviously," came the snide reply.

"Julien, I'm not going to warn you again.  Now, have you tried writing all this down, to get it out of your mind?"

A slightly politer voice replied, "Yes, but I'm still thinking about it."

Alex was silent for a moment.  Ever since Julien showed him the very first spanking picture, Alex had tried hard to educate himself.  He'd read many blogs; some real, some fiction; he'd visited many sites with pictures; read articles about implements.   But Alex started to think that each couple had to bumble their way through with what worked best for them.

"I think you need only one thing to think about," Alex said.

"Well, that's a brilliant idea!  Too bad I have twenty things!"

Alex threw back the covers, and said, "Stay there.  Do not move.  I'll be right back."   He quickly went into the bathroom, turned on the light, and grabbed the hair brush from the counter.   Leaving the light on to give some light, but not totally illuminating the bedroom, Alex grabbed a chair from the kitchen.   Once in the bedroom, Alex set the chair close to the bed.  

"I'm going to give you one thing to think about," he told Julien.  Alex was proud of himself that he didn't start to laugh at the look on Julien's face.

"I don't want a spanking!" Julien said as he spied the hair brush.

"You might not want one, but do you think you might need one?" Alex asked.  "I'm sure it'll clear your mind."  Alex watched as Julien thought that over.

"Ok," Julien said slowly, cautiously.  "I guess we could try it."

"Don't get up!" Alex said as Julien started to throw the covers off.  "I don't want you anymore awake than you already are."

"Like a spanking isn't going to wake me up more?"

"Think of it as an experiment, and just do as I say."

At Julien consent, Alex lifted Julien by the hips.  Pulling him this way, pushing him that way, until Julien's torso was on the bed with his legs hanging off.   Sitting down, Alex lifted Julien's legs, spread them, and arranged them both until Julien was face down straddling Alex's waist.   Picking up the hair brush, Alex started slowly, holding back his strength.  As Julien's cheeks became rosier and rosier, Alex increased the force until Julien's ass was glowing red.  Julien's body twisted slightly from side to side, but not enough to pull away from Alex or the hair brush.  Even with Julien's face buried in the covers, Alex could hear his soft gasps and yelps.   Bringing him back to earth, Alex let lessened the strength behind each spank until they were more like pats.

Laying the brush on the small of Julien's back, Alex rubbed his hands up and down Julien's legs.  The coarseness of the hairs on Julien's legs were in stark contrast to the smooth handle of the brush.  He also felt the tension recede from his partner's body.

"Let it simmer and then cool down a bit," Alex said softly and continued to stroke what he could reach of Julien's body.

Finally, Alex stood up, and rearranged his boneless lover.   Pushing the chair back against the wall, he went and turned off the light in the bathroom.   Slipping under the covers, Alex pulled Julien close to him and whispered,"do you think you'll be able to sleep now?"

"Yeah, I think I might.  My mind feels clear.  Isn't that strange?" Julien mumbled.

"No, I don't think it's strange at all.  I think it's just what you need sometimes," Alex said softly into Julien's hair.  "Now, just close your eyes, feel the heat and relax."

Alex could feel himself hardening as the heat radiated off of Julien directly into his groin.  Pulling back slightly, Alex decided to wake up a little earlier than usual, and start their day off with a little loving.

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