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The Ride

Little Fantasies: The Ride
Characters: Alex/Julien

Julien wasn't sure which woke him; the sound of thunder or the fine mist of rain from the open window.  He could barely make out the shape of Alex sitting on the bed looking out the window; but still his heart tightened with a range of emotions for the man.

Alex hadn't laughed at him when Julien had told him of his desire, want, or was it need, to be spanked.   No, not his Alex.  Alex had somehow been able to look deep inside Julien and figured out what Julien was asking for.  Alex hadn't belittled him or run away screaming.   They were learning about this new aspect of their relationship, just like they had to learn how to live together-through compromise.

A flicker of lightening with the sound of thunder close behind brought Julien out of his musings.  "Hey, you're the top.  Don't you know you're supposed to be the one telling me to shut the window and get to bed?"

"I was never one to follow stereotypes."

Julien couldn't see Alex's face clearly, but he knew by the sound of his voice that he was smiling.  "No, you're not," he agreed.

"And that bothers you," Alex stated softly.

"I'm just not sure how, um, the spanking part will work," Julien confessed.  Julien felt the bed move as Alex laid down and gathered him in his arms.

"I'm not sure, either," Alex said.  "It'll probably ebb and flow just like other aspects of life."

Tilting his head back as flashes of lightening gave him minute glimpses of Alex's face, Julien didn't know if he wanted Alex to be able to see him or not as they continued this conversation. "Sometimes you'll get it wrong."

"Yes, sometimes I will," Alex agreed.  "We can talk and we can try to work out all possibilities.  Or we can just enjoy the ride and learn as we go."

Julien's hand started to wander as he thought over Alex's words.   His hand found Alex half hard.  Slowly, softly, Julien stroked Alex.   The open window let the winds of the storm sweep over them covering them in a light spray of rain.  They were both going to make mistakes but they were going to work them out. He just needed to hear the words spoken out loud and from Alex. Contentment settled in Julien's heart.

Breaking free of Alex's arms, Julien sat up and straddled Alex. "Well now that you got this sleeping thing all wrong, you're just going to have to sit back while I enjoy the ride."

Alex lunged up, groping for the tube on the bedside table.  "Well, as the Top in this relationship, I guess I need to ease the way!"

Julien's groan at the corny banter soon became a moan as Alex did ease the way.  The storm continued to rage outside, but neither man noticed.  They were too busy enjoying the ride of life.

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