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Weekend Away

Ken and Jess wanted to play and this is what happened. 

Weekend Away

Ken needed this vacation as much as he knew Jess needed it.  Jess had been working long hours.  The building crash had affected the housing market, but the commercial market had been going strong.  Jess had spent too many hours in the office and on construction sites; Ken needed to bring his boy down.

Pulling out his toy box, Ken looked inside, trying to decide which toy to bring along.  He pulled out a medium sized butt plug, and grinned.  As he heard the front door slam shut and Jess’s stomping, Ken decided the little black leather paddle would accompany them on this weekend away.   He placed it beneath his clothes and zipped the duffle bag closed.

“Ken, this is really a bad weekend to get away.  I’ve paper work to catch up on,” Jess said from the bedroom doorway.

“You really can’t spare a weekend away?  The paperwork has to be done this weekend?” Ken asked.  He wouldn’t interfere with Jess’s job, but he also knew that Jess would focus only on work if given half a chance.

“No, but I’d like to get it done.”

“Again, I ask-does it have to be done this weekend?  We’ve had this weekend planned for weeks,” Ken reminded him.

Jess saw the bags packed and with a small sigh, relented.  “I know, and no it doesn’t have to get done this weekend.  At least let me go shower off the sawdust.”

Ken watched as Jess stripped and went into the bathroom.  Spying the toy box still open, Ken decided Jess needed to release some stress.  He also needed the reminder of their relationship.  Jess needed to submit to Ken; and Ken needed to dominate.

Ken took out some lube, another butt plug-one a bit smaller than the one he’d packed; and the crop.  He laid them all on the bed.  Ken felt his jeans become tight just at the thought of bringing his boy down.

His jeans grew more uncomfortable as Jess walked out of the bathroom.  His naked body was still slightly damp, accenting the muscles on his chest and abdomen.  The thrill that came from dominating such a strong man was intoxicating.

“Come here, boy,” he said, his voice thick with desire. 

Ken saw Jess’s eyes darken with his own desire.  As much as Ken loved to dominate Jess, Jess loved submitting to Ken. Oh, he fought it at times, but Ken knew Jess’s deepest desire; and that was to submit.

Ken helped Jess lie over the bed, feet hanging down, butt up high.  He ran his hands up and down Jess’s back, feeling the muscles ripple. “I’m going to use this crop to turn your ass cherry red.  And then I’m going to fill you with this plug.  I’m going to leave it in until we reach the cabin.  Then I’m going to take it out and fill your hole with my own cock.”

Ken saw Jess shiver.  Not wanting to waste time, Ken picked up the crop and brought it down on Jess’s ass.  A beautiful red mark appeared.  It was almost in the shape of a small square.  Ken wondered how many it would take to turn Jess’s ass an even shade of red.  Then he set about finding out.

“Don’t you come, boy!” Ken said when Jess started humping the bed. “You’ll save that for when I’m deep inside you.”

Ken knew the sting of the crop was driving Jess crazy.  He wasn’t putting his full force behind it, just enough to mark the skin and give a sting to that ass.

Once Jess’s ass was glowing, Ken popped open the lube.  Spreading the liquid on his fingers, Ken said, “I’m going to open you up, nice and slow.”

Circling Jess’s hole with his finger, Ken could feel how eager his sub was.  Slowly he slid the finger inside, groaning at the tightness.  Slowly he pumped his finger in and out.  Adding a second and then a third finger, Ken felt Jess loosen up.  That red ass hungrily eating his fingers, and the knowledge that he had made it that red, had Ken struggling for control.  Ken pulled his fingers out and replaced them with the smaller plug.  Slapping his hand down on that butt, Ken asked, “Now, do you still need to do some paperwork?”

Ken saw the look of confusion in Jess’s eyes and had to suppress a smile when Jess asked, “Paperwork?”

The end.



  1. Argh! Dizzy! How could you stop there? That's cruel!

    I really like how comfortable Jess has grown with their relationship.

    1. Hey Chris T. Kat!

      Um, I left a little to your imagination! LOL. Yeah, I like how Jess has grown too. Thank you for commenting!