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It's Just That Way

This is my response to the "Hush" challenge on the Writing Lines Yahoo group.

It’s Just That Way

“Maybe it’s muscle memory,” John said settling in.  “When you spank me the muscles remember.”

He felt David’s hand caress his back.

“Or maybe it’s proprioception.” John tried to explain. “The whole body is involved.  My hands remove my pants, I lie over your lap, I scrunch my face.”

David’s hand caressed with a little more pressure, almost a massage.

“It’s what I want.  I need this sometimes.” John said as he lay over David’s lap.

“Hush, now.” David’s voice washed over him. “We don’t have to understand the whys.  The answer is: it’s just that it’s just that way.”


  1. I'm glad John & David finally made an appearance on your blog.

    In the end David is right--sometimes it's just that way.

    Lovely drabble, thanks for posting it, Dizzy!

    1. Hey Chris T. Kat! Yes, they finally made an appearance! For a full 100 words! LOL. I really would like to write their story, I just need time and courage!

      Yes, it IS just that way sometimes.

      Thanks tons for commenting! You rock!

    2. Oh! Oh, pick me! I volunteer to be your cheerleader! I'm good at that.

      Go, Dizzy, go!

      See? ;-)

  2. Hmm, let's see? Who should I pick? Hmmm, Chris T. Kat! She'd be great.

    You are a hoot!