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FIC: Harvest Quest; Astrid's Interlude

I was asked to write a couple interludes for Astrid, Enoch, and Teegan. This one is what happens when Kyra, Nica, and Sophie get Astrid alone.

Title: Astrid Interlude
Characters: Kyra/Sophie/Nica/Astrid
Series: Another Life, Harvest Quest

As they walked single-file behind Lars, Astrid felt as though she was headed for the gallows. She didn’t have see the face of her dom, Kyra, to know she was in trouble. Big trouble. Trouble with a capital T. Astrid knew the look that was on Kyra’s face. It was a look that made her face go red in shame.

Astrid didn’t mind the occasional swat that Kyra or Sophie or Nica gave her when she was being extra exuberant. Or the sensual spankings that they engaged in. But she hated getting a true punishment spanking.

When she’d started having visions of Earth, she should have told her wives then. But she had seen Enoch and when he’d told her of his own visions, she had been too blinded by the desire to help her friend. She convinced him to come here to Tarvos. Without consulting with their respective doms. Astrid knew she had let pride get in the way of a good decision. She wanted to be the one to help Enoch. She wanted to be his hero.

Lost in her thoughts, Astrid hadn’t realized everyone had stopped. Until she bumped into Nica.

“The visitors’ cabins are very small, but will heat up quickly,” Lars was saying as they stood before a small wooden structure. He opened the door and the women walked in. “There’s some dried meat and vegetables in the cupboard.”

Astrid looked around. The cabin held only one room. A bed stood in one corner, then a large fireplace, with a cabinet in the next corner. A large table stood in the middle of the room. It would be enough for one night.

“Thank you, Warrior Lars,” Kyra said in a soft voice. “Thank you for your kindness to unexpected guests.”

Astrid ducked her head. She knew that she was the reason for them to be here. She swallowed hard and looked at the man. “I thank you as well.”

Lars turned to her with a small knowing smile. “You are welcome. I’m sure that soon you’ll be warm. I’ll be back in the morning to escort you to the town hall. We’ll make preparations for the journey to come. Goodnight.”

Once the door was closed, Astrid turned and knelt in front of Kyra. “I say this all too often, but I am sorry. I didn’t mean to place Enoch or myself in danger.”

Kyra leaned down and kissed her on the top of her head. “Yes, you do. You stay here, on your knees. Sophie, Nica, and I will get the fire started and dinner ready. You may think of the risks you took.”

Astrid let the tears fall down her cheeks. Kyra knew that Astrid hated to be still. She wanted to help make dinner. Start the fire. Give food and comfort to her dominants. But Astrid knew too the lesson she was learning. She was too quick to act. She needed to understand that taking time to think things through was always the better option. Each time Sophie and Nica walked by her kneeling form they’d reach out and pat her shoulder or let their hand stroke down her hair. When the fire was roaring, Kyra walked over and gently removed her cloak.

While Kyra, Sophie, and Nica softly talked to each other, they didn’t speak to Astrid. They weren’t ostracizing her, only giving her time to think. This was a lesson that had been taught before.

As Nica placed a large pot of soup they’d quickly made up, Kyra walked to Astrid. “Come, my girl. You may kneel beside me. I will give you sustenance.”

Astrid lifted her hand and placed it in Nica’s waiting one. She sniffed as she walked the few steps to the table. When Nica nodded her head to the floor, Astrid went to her knees. The first spoonful of soup was held out for Astrid. Taking the spoon in her mouth, the warmth of the broth spread throughout her body. It wasn’t just the broth that brought the warmth, but that Nica was showing her that she was important to them. That they put her first. Just like Astrid should put them first.

Dinner was soon finished. Sophie and Nica took the bowls and washed them in the sink. Astrid stayed kneeling on the floor while Kyra made up the bed. After banking the fire, Kyra walked over to Astrid.

“We are one. Not one of four, but one of love. We should always think of others before ourselves. What one does affects us all.” With those words, Kyra took Astrid’s hand, helping her up.

Through eyes blurred with tears, Astrid was led first to Sophie. Sophie took her hand and led her to a chair. She sat, pulling Astrid across her lap. “Your rambunctious spirit was what I fell in love with first. But there are times that spirit needs taming.” With the words said, Sophie lowered Astrid’s pants and lifted her tunic. Sophie’s hand knew no mercy as she brought it down on Astrid’s behind. Again, and again, the hand landed with force. The spanking was short but very thorough. Once Sophie was through, she helped Astrid to her feet and led her to where Nica sat waiting.

With tears running down her own face, Nica said, “My own soul knows the dominance as well as the submission. I prefer to show you the joys of a spanking, not the pain. Yet, tonight, I must follow the path of the dominant.”

Astrid sobbed at the pain of the words more than the pain of Nica’s hand. Nica’s spanking wasn’t as long as Sophie’s but was more painful for the hurt Astrid had caused her.

Too soon she stood before Kyra, the full dominant of the four. “Your decisions affect all of us. This you know. But the pain that you receive with each swat is also felt by all of us. Tonight we will feel the pain so that tomorrow we can continue to be a unit of love.”

Kyra’s spanking was the longest, and as she was the most powerful of them, also the hardest. Astrid’s backside was a deep red by the time the dominant's hand landed the last stroke. Sobbing, Astrid was led to the bed that Sophie and Nica already occupied. Kyra swiftly pulled off her tunic before she climbed under the covers.

The three women curled together to offer comfort to Astrid. There would be no love-making tonight as there never was after a punishment. But gentle caresses and soft stroking of their hands showed Astrid she was forgiven.


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