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Drabble: Sometimes

The Den has had a couple of challenges issued.  JL issued a "Hug" challenge.  This was my response.

Title: Sometimes

He walks into the house.  Shoulders slumped.  Steps heavy with responsibility.  Lips tightened; showing stress of the day.  Tension keeps the jawline clenched.  Life can be hard-sometimes.

He's a strong man.  A man that is happy in the role of protector.  Finds fulfillment in caring for others.  Caring for me.  Yet needs care himself-sometimes.

His need is evident.  I obey the silent call.  Walking up, my arms wrap around him.  A rib-cracking squeeze.  Letting him know that he can be the protected.  That I can be the protector-sometimes.

All a Top needs is a hug.  Sometimes.


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