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Forgotten Ones Chapter 1

This is the first chapter of the Forgotten Ones.  If you'd like to read the prologue and the other stories set on Gliese please visit the Another Life blog.   Thank you to everyone!!  You all are great!

Title: Forgotten Ones Chapter 1
Series: Another Life

"They are dead."

Enoch's knees buckled at the devastating words so carelessly tossed out.  If it wasn't for Wryn's arms holding him up, he would have fallen to the floor.  The vision couldn't have been wrong!  He tasted the dirt that filled the forgotten ones's mouths.  He heard the horrible ringing of a loud explosion in his ears.  Even though only darkness was shown in the vision, Enoch knew they were alive.

Steeling himself, Enoch looked at the council who had gathered.  The room was dark as heavy cloth hung over the windows.  A long rectangle table dominated the room.  On one side of the room was a large fireplace.  Fifteen giant men were seated at the table.  Wryn had explained to Enoch that the council always held an odd number of men.  There could be no tie in any vote.  When all the travelers from earth but two had arrived, a council was convened.  The Historians had told for centuries how many would arrive on Gliese.  They had prepared for that number.   Never before had a Historian's vision been wrong-let alone so many Historians for so long.  When Enoch had his vision, Chandir and Wryn brought him to the meeting.  But the men gathered weren't listening to him.

"No.  Not dead. Forgotten," Enoch insisted.

Albric, the director of the council, commanded, "Chandir, control your sub."

"I can not," Chandir said. "For I agree with him."

Albric shook his head in disbelief. "You agree him?  Has love made you lose your common sense?"

"Love has made me stronger.  Strong enough to stand beside Enoch as he rights a wrong," Chandir growled.  "You were not witness to his vision..  Nor did you hold him as he seized. I did. His knowledge is not wrong."

Enoch felt the steel and determination inside him grow stronger,  Chandir, his Dom, gave him strength, when his own had been depleted.  Even more determined to make these men understand, he stated, "We must go back for them. Or they will be dead."

"We could go." A voice called out.

Albric stood.   "Who would go?"

"I would." A dark-haired man straightened up.

"Misham?  Have you discussed this with your Dom?"

Elden got to his feet to stand beside his Sub. "Albric, he has not.  I'm his dominant, not his keeper.  I will accompany him, though."

"That can't happen.  It's impossible. It's never been done," Albric argued.

"Not impossible. Nothing is truly impossible.  However, you are right in that it's never been done BEFORE,"  Misham said. "But Elden and I are scholars. We've studied the ancient's texts of earth.  And have studied the prophecy telling of the ones from earth.  The two left should not have been.  We would go, we could save them."

Enoch sighed in relief when he saw Elden nod his head in agreement.  He knew Albric would relent.  Finally, the red headed leader of the council called out, "A vote is needed.  All in favor of Misham and his dominant, Elden, going to search for the missing men, raise your hand.

Not one murmur was heard as all fourteen men seated at the table raised their hands high.  Albric nodded.  "The vote has been cast.  The results are in approval."

Enoch bit his lip to keep the cry of joy from escaping his lips. Wryn's arms tightened around him in understanding.  Even the strict Chandir showed his pleasure by wrapping his arms around both men and hugged them tight.  

Enoch's joy was dimmed when Elden said, "We will prepare and leave in a fortnight."

"No!" Enoch yelled, struggling in his dominants's arms. "Now. We must go now.  They will not survive a fortnight."

Chandir placed his hand on Enoch's bottom in warning. "There is no 'we'.  You are not going back to earth. You wouldn't survive the trip."

Struggling to turn around and face his Dom, Enoch protested, "But I saw them!  I know where they are!" He stopped when he felt a sharp swat on his butt.  

"Do not argue with Chandir," Wryn growled. "Or I will take the strap to you."

Enoch stopped struggling.  Wryn had never used anything but his hand before.  Enoch knew that his dominants were worried about him.

"Listen to them," Misham said.  "They do what they must to protect you. There is no life left on your planet. We can only carry so much. We will need food enough to feed four men."

Enoch felt the color rise in his face.  He hadn't heard or seen Misham walk up beside them.  The men of the council were taking their leave.  Lowering his voice, Enoch pleaded, "But you know not where they are."

"And you do?" Misham asked.

Enoch let himself remember the vision.  The men had been climbing a mountain.  The air was hot and dry.   Shaking his head, he admitted, "I don't know exactly where they are at.  I know it is a hot, dry mountainous region."

Elden rested his hand on top of Enoch's head.  "We have fourteen days.  We will study the texts.  There might be information that we hadn't understood before."

Looking up into Chandir's eyes, Enoch asked, "Can I help them look through the books?  Maybe something will show itself to me."

Enoch watched in hopeful silence as Chandir turned to Elden. "Is that acceptable?  He needs to do something of value."

Elden nodded.  "In the morning.  Today has been long and full of emotions.  We will rest tonight and start fresh in the morn."

With a sigh of relief, Enoch thanked the red headed man.  He would have argued that he could study tonight, but his body had taken all it could.  It took all his strength to stay standing on his feet.  His strength and the strength of his two dominants.  Suddenly, he felt himself lifted in strong arms.  

"Come, I'll bathe the stench of fear from you.  And we'll build you back up," Chandir said.

Enoch let himself be carried home.  The forgotten ones were remembered and would be found.


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