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Ficlet: Preventative Spanking

Zillah issued a challenge on the Den.  It was in regards to "maintenance spankings".  This was my response.  

Title: Preventative Spanking
Characters: Neanderthal/Wench

Leaning back in the recliner, the Wench sighed.  This was the last weekend of reduced stress.  Work responsibilities would rise dramatically on Monday and would stay high for several months to come.  Nights of watching YouTube videos and playing on the internet would soon have to stop.

Suddenly, the Wench's iPad was taken away by a big, hairy hand.   She looked up startled and more than a little disgruntled.  Her Neanderthal grinned at her and gently placed the tablet on the coffee table.  Then his hands went to his belt buckle.

With a gleam in her eyes, the Wench smiled.  Propping up the recliner, she said, "It's been awhile.  A sexy, erotic spanking is perfect for tonight.  After all we are empty nesters now. No need to be quiet."

Slipping the belt from the loops on his pants, the Neanderthal grunted and growled out his response.  In astonishment, the Wench deciphered the growl and the grunt.

"Maintenance spanking?  Maintenance!!" The Wench shrieked....a very ladylike shriek, not shrewish at all.  "I'm not a Jeep to be maintained!"  The tummy tingling of arousal quickly turned into stomach clenching dread.

The Neanderthal didn't even have to grunt, let alone growl, for the Wench to hear him.  The lift of his eyebrows spoke volumes.

"No, you didn't compare me to a car," the Wench assured him. She heard loud and clear the tone of the Neanderthal's eyebrows. "But I don't NEED a spanking!  I'm not stressed.  I'm not overwhelmed."   At Neanderthal's incredulous chuckle, she clarified, "not any more overwhelmed than normal."

Keeping her butt firmly in the chair, the Wench listened to the Neanderthal's growls.   They were kind growls.  Kind but firm.  The kind of growls that she'd heard for over thirty years living with him.  The kind of growls that reminded her that he knew her needs.  Sometimes better than she did herself.

"Yes, work is going to get rough," the Wench agreed. "But how is spanking me before I meltdown going to help?"

Folding the belt over and holding the buckle in his big paw, the Neanderthal grunted out a couple questions.   As the Wench listened, her stomach didn't know whether it should clench or tingle.  Her face had no trouble with it's response as it flamed red.

"Yes, of does last for a couple days.  And yes,, burn does help me stay calm for awhile.  And yeah.  I am reminded of us each time I sit down," the Wench answered.  "But I don't want a spanking!  Not the kind that will hurt."

The soft grunt and even softer growl had tears coming to the Wench's eyes.  Nodding she said, "Yes, I do trust you.  And yes, I know I have a safe word."

Listening as the Neanderthal grunted out his reasons, the Wench knew that he had a point.  A spanking now would keep her calm on Monday.  The spanking wouldn't even have to be a harsh one.  Not that the Neanderthal was ever harsh or cruel; even when he used the belt.   They both knew what worked and why. Often it was the sound and the mental space the belt put her in that worked so well.

With that thought, the Wench hugged the Neanderthal's neck.  "We'll give it a try," she whispered into his neck.  "I trust both of us."

The Wench squeaked as the Neanderthal squeezed her tightly.   She let out a small sigh of relief as he took her hand and led her down the hallway.  She'd be bent over their bed with his hand on her back as his other hand brought the belt down on her bare backside.   She'd squirm and tears would run down her face.  Afterward, since this wasn't a punishment spanking, he'd make love to her until she squirmed from arousal.  And she knew on Monday morning, when the frantic phone calls started coming in, she'd feel the slight burn in her bum and know she could handle anything that came her way.


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