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Joel Chapter 8

Title: Joel Chapter 8
Characters: Joel/Teegan
Series: Another Life

Joel shrugged his shoulders, letting the movement adjust the heavy bag that he carried. The apples had ripened several days ago allowing Joel to start his future as a farmer on Gliese. While Archer and Trey worked in their pottery shed, Joel worked and learned from Aiden and Ryder. That he got to be closer to Teegan was just a nice benefit, Joel thought to himself.

Each day he spent with the dark haired man, Joel felt himself becoming more enchanted. He knew that Archer and Trey disapproved even if they hadn't come right out and said so. They were trying their best to redirect Joel's attention by bringing a never ending stream of young subs over for dinner. But each man Joel met seemed to pale next to Teegan.

He looked across a row of trees, and saw the man of his thoughts picking apples. Every morning for the past week, Joel would meet with Aiden and Ryder to discuss farming techniques. Afterward, Joel would walk out to the orchard where Teegan waited with an extra burlap sack. The two men would walk down the rows of trees, picking fruit, and talking.

The time between morning and afternoon was when the harvesters ate their midday meal. After gathering the food that was supplied by Aiden and Ryder, Joel would lead Teegan to a secluded area. Conversation was mostly of farming techniques, but today, Joel wanted to know more of the man, Teegan.

Sitting on the warm green grass, Joel took a bite of dark bread. He looked to the man next to him and asked, "how did you know I was a dominant?"

Laughing, the dark haired sub responded, "the look on your face. Only a dom can have that look."

Joel laughed with him. "I'm sure you've seen that look plenty of times." Then Joel grew serious. "On earth, people were too caught up in their own survival; we didn't have the luxury of worrying for someone else. I like that I could protect you from danger."

Teegan laughed harder. But his laughter ceased and a look of understanding came over his face.

"I forget sometimes," Teegan said.

"What do you forget?"

"That you don't know the history. You've not talked with a Historian nor have you been taught the ways of Gliese," Teegan answered.

Joel frowned. "I'm learning. Learning as much as I can. What I do know is that my dominance runs strong for you. As does my desire to make love to you."

Teegan smiled, leaned over, and kissed Joel softly. "My submission begs me to submit to you. And my nether regions spend every night hard and lonely for you. But first I must tell you that I'm not from Gliese."

"Are you from earth too?" Joel asked in confusion.

"No. I mean my race is not from Gliese." Teegan held up his hand when Joel started to speak. "Let me explain first. Then I'll answer any questions you have. A long time past, years after your own ancients had came here and left in disgrace and anger, my own ancients arrived. They were from an ice planet. They were a proud and strong race. Both dominants and submissives were warriors. They could fight and protect from outside enemies. But they had not learned to care for their home until it was much too late. Just as it was for you and your earth. Our planet died. My race had conquered space though. When the people of Gliese learned of our heritage of dominance and submission, they gave us sanctuary. In return, we pledged to protect them. Gliese is a peaceful planet, but not all are. We were granted a place here as long as we cared for Gliese as they do. The ancients found their home in the northern nation of Tarvos. Winters are long there. So we come here to help with the harvest. We get food to sustain us through the harsh winters. But we also go to war when others come to take what belongs to Gliese."

Joel's mind raced with thoughts. There were so many questions, he had. The ideas and science he'd learned long ago on earth were challenged by Teegan. By Gliese itself. Finally, Joel asked, "so you aren't human?"

"Don't worry, I'm not going to sprout tentacles or a tail! I'm just as human as you are. The people of earth were very conceited to think they were the only ones in all the universes," Teegan chided. "They could only think in one dimension."

Joel blushed. "Why is it, I'm the dominant, yet you are the one teaching me?"

Teegan laughed. "Again, you are thinking in one dimension. Subs can teach their doms a thing or two! But its the call to submit to you. To feel your hand on my backside to calm me. To bring me back from emotional turmoil. And yes, even to teach me at times. That is what leads us to be bonded together."

Joel scooted closer to Teegan. "There is so much for me to learn. Will you teach me?"

"For as long as I can," Teegan answered.

"That might take a lifetime," Joel said cautiously. He knew that he was rushing a little, but his life had been changed forever in a flash of a blue light. Once he was a man with no future. Starving. Watching the people he loved starve and die. He now had a future and he wanted to live it to the fullest.

"You will face great challenges, Joel. I'm not sure I'm worth it," Teegan said softly. Then he gasped as Joel pulled him to his feet and landed a sharp swat to his backside.

"I will always show you how much you are worth to me. Through actions and words," Joel growled out. The thought that this beautiful dark eyed man didn't think he was worth enough for Joel to fight for astonished him. He would show Teegan, as well as everyone else, that he would meet any challenge to have a full life.

"Ow," Teegan said softly, rubbing his back cheek. But his eyes were smiling up at Joel. "Yes, my Arkhe. And I will learn from you."

"You are playing me, I think," Joel laughed. "Let's go. There aren't many apples left. We'll finish this harvest and then decide what we do next."

"Next is that I go back to Tarvos," the young sub said. "That is my home."

Joel looked up at the blue sky. Could he leave this place he was just learning to love? Was it love that he felt for Teegan? The only way he would know would be to go with him. "Then I will go with you."

Teegan's smile threatened to outshine the sun. But just like dark thunderclouds, his smile dimmed. "You will have to meet with the Anax of my nation."

"Teegan, if I can travel a billion miles through space, I think I can meet your king. I'm learning I'm stronger than I ever knew.”

End chapter 8

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