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Spanks for the Memories

A series of drabbles that demanded to be written.

Spanks for the Memories


His eyes dance as laughter surrounds me.  I flip my hips this way and that.   A tug.  A pull.  He sits down and I'm across his lap.  His hand has trouble finding the target. I twist and turn side to side.

Joyous screams.  A push.  An embrace.  His leg pins mine down.  Slaps and swats rain down.  A defense. An offense. One large hand captures my two.  More swats.  More slaps.  More laughter.

Suddenly upright again.  A gasp.  A huff. He stands and I collapse in his arms.  The two of us out of breath, but not out of laughter.


Stress Relief

Muscles tight.  A headache hanging on for days. Shoulders up around my ears.  Traffic has been bad for days.  Work ever increasing.

A question asked. "Do you need something?"

Thinking.  Deciding.  An answer in the affirmative.

Eyes full of quiet understanding.  He sits and holds out his hand.  I hesitate.  Just for a moment.  A release of pent up tension escapes from my mouth. 

Hands tenderly lower my pants.  He sits. Hands gently guide me over his legs.  Strong hands hold me secure. One lifts.  Then falls.  Again.  And again.  Worries and concerns leave.  Each strike resetting the delicate balance.



Silk and satin.  Caresses and feather-like strokes.  Candlelight.  Moonlight. A mood carefully set.  Mouths move across tender skin.   Teeth nip at exposed areas.  Eyes darken in passion.

Lovingly situated, just so.  Hands slide up.  Then back down.   The hand brushes forbidden places.   Musk fills the air and lingers.  A slap.  A stroke.  A swat.  An exploring hand.

Pain into pleasure.  Pleasure into pain.  Confusion and enlightenment.  Moans of need.  Groans of desire.  Butt rising up to meet hand.   Sheets tangle between scissoring legs.

Sighs of excitement.  Reaching.  Stretching.  Racing to the end goal.  Faster. Slower.  Completion.  Sighs of contentment.



A rule broken.  Feelings of disgrace.  Face red in shame.  His eyes tighten.  As does his mouth.  An agreement discarded.  Trust broken.  A payment past due. 

He sits.  A direct look.  Eyes meet eyes.  Squirming inside.  An action.  He nods to his lap.  No help for this.  An act of consent.  I lay myself over those hard legs.

Shoulders slump down.  Head hangs lower.  Toes grasp the floor on one side.  Fingers desperate to find purchase on hardwood floor. 

A slap.  A swat.  Lips held tight between teeth.  A slap.  A swat.  A gasp of pain.  Of atonement. Of forgiveness.


  1. I love all these reasons for spanking. Good job, Dizzy.

    1. I'm gald you liked this, Jodie! Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I like the minimalist style You manage to convey a lot with short broken sentences and it makes it fun!

    1. Thank you, Kessily! And it shows how one person can enjoy different kind of spankings!