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Halls of Hell

Here's a little ficlet that came about due to a challenge that was issued at The Den.

Title: Halls of Hell

Characters: Jason and Chase

Challenge: First Christmas


Jason held back his sigh, as his cane hit yet another display.  He didn't know what was on the display; it could have been holiday decorations or a special sale.  All Jason knew was that shopping during the Christmas holidays was hell. 


The noise level was elevated to an eardrum splitting level.  The shoppers' voices were all raised in differing emotions.  Some were happy and excitedly talking to friends.  Others were angry and shouting their displeasure.  Then there were the kids.  Screaming to see Santa Claus.  Screaming when forced to sit on the jolly old elf's lap.  The stores tried to make sure all knew that the holidays were upon them by turning the volume as high as it would go as the Christmas Carols played.


Jason's sigh escaped from his mouth as he heard a crash.  Another display had been knocked over.  Jason didn't know who had accidentally tipped it over, he was just thankful it hadn't been him.  The noise made it difficult for Jason to navigate through the store.


"The decorations are in the back." Jason heard Chase yell at him. 


And that was the reason why Jason was traversing the halls of hell-Chase.


Chase was determined to turn their home into a Christmas wonderland.  They'd never bothered much with decorating in the past.  Jason and Chase would typically go out for a nice dinner at a local restaurant after exchanging a couple gifts to each other and their friends, Reed and William.


But a few years ago, William had invited them to his family home for the festive dinner.  That dinner had been a turning point for Chase.  Jason knew that Chase had always felt the void that growing up in foster care left, and William's mother, Amanda, had found a recipient for all her motherly smothering.  Jason chuckled to himself.  The mother that had been too overly protective for William, had been just what Chase had needed.  In the past couple of years, Chase and Amanda had bonded.


Now, Chase wanted to host Christmas dinner at their own home.  Amanda had been helping Chase plan a menu for the dinner.  They had appetizers planned; turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and all the sides organized for the big day. The problem was they'd never really decorated for the holidays.  And that was how Jason came to be wandering the halls of hell.


Jason carefully moved his cane to the the right and finding an open space, he stepped over and stopped.  In quick fashion, Jason folded his long cane.


"Chase, would you take me sighted-guide?  I'm going to knock over a display or knock some mad shopper in the head," Jason growled.  He preferred the independence the cane gave him, but he didn't mind holding on to his lover's arm when he needed to be guided.


Holding on to Chase's arm right above the elbow, they made good time to the seasonal department of the store. Jason following slightly behind his partner, made it without stumbling into the many tables and decorations that had been set out.  The many displays the store set out were used to either lure shoppers to buy a certain item or to remind them it was Christmas with even more decorations.  Jason shook his head.  Like anyone could forget what the season was with the blaring of the carols coming from the speakers in the ceiling.


The noise was even worse in the cavernous warehouse area where the Christmas trees, ornaments, lawn displays, and home decorations were sold.  Jason gripped Chase's arm a little tighter as he was pushed sideways by a hurried shopper.


"Oh, Jason!  They have everything we need right here!  We'll get a big tree, and look over there is a nativity set!  We should get one of those." Chase's voice held all the excitement of a man much younger than he was.


Jason walked along with Chase as he hurried to the artificial trees.  Even as excited as Chase was, Jason could follow the little clues that Chase gave to safely navigate through the crowds.  The bend of Chase's arm at the elbow signaled Jason to step directly behind his guide, avoiding whatever Jason would have run into.  Chase's arm moving to his back, clasping his hands together right above his pert ass, and Jason knew that he needed to move to Chase's right side.  And all the while, Chase's chatter over what decorations would go perfectly in their home.


Jason listened to all of his lover's descriptions.  He nodded and agreed when it was evident that Chase wanted approval for one bauble or another.  Jason helped Chase make a decision over which set of lights to get-all white or multicolored.  Jason had his credit card ready when all the choices had been made and it was time to pay.


After talking to the store manager to have their purchases delivered, Jason unfolded his cane.  He let his hand slide down from the sighted-guide position to clasp Chase's hand.  He felt his hand squeezed in a gesture of love from his Brat.


"Thank you for coming with me, Jason," Chase said softly.  "I know shopping is harder during Christmas time."


Jason smiled and turned his face to Chase's.  He crooked his finger, beckoning his lover closer.  As soon as he could feel the warm breath of Chase's mouth, Jason swooped in and gave him a hard kiss.


"I'd do anything for you, boy."


Chase laughed and asked, "will you burn that wretched paddle?"


Jason laughed and pulled Chase out of the store.  "Not a chance! I did just walk the halls of hell for you."


They walked hand in hand toward the bus stop.  And as they waited, Jason knew he'd do it all over again, just to spend time together.




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