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End to Beginning

This is a drabble in response to the Tea Room Challenge: Summer Nights.  If you haven't been to the Tea Room go visit at:

I feel a sense of desperation; of time slipping away; as I walk down the street.
The children frantically play before school steals their freedom.
Grills light up; neighbors anxious to take advantage of the diminishing evening sun.
A feeling of hopelessness at summer’s end.
Street lights flicker on; I release a heavy sigh.
You pat me on my butt, a gentle reminder of your presence.
Your smile assures me there is yet a beginning.
With the turning of leaves, autumn will arrive.
Taking your hand, we turn towards home. 
The end is behind us, the beginning yet to come.


  1. This is lovely, Dizzy. Can feel summer's end and an anticipation of cooler days ahead. A new cycle begins.

    1. I'm so glad you read this and left a comment! Yes, it's that time of year that summer ends and you feel like it's ALL ending. Then fall begins. Thanks tons for leaving a comment.

  2. How very beautiful on so many levels, the connection between the couple, the changing of seasons, an outlook on life.

    1. Tarabeth,
      what a thrill to see you commenting on my story! Yes, it is an outlook on life, and I think it's super special when you have someone to remind you that one thing is ending but another is beginning. Thank you so much for reading this and commenting.

  3. It's all about how you look at life and this was perfect. Nothing ever ends, just changes.

    1. LOL, PJ! You know me way too well! Yes, its the way you look at life, something might end, but there's always a beginning. Or like you say, it doesn't end, just changes. Thank you so much for commenting on this drabble!