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Ficlet: About the Author

A fun post on the Den led to Ken and Jess coming out to play. A member posted an "About the Author" set of questions. Ken and Jess answered for me. The picture with the questions will be posted below the ficlet.

Title: About the Author
Characters: Ken/Jess
Challenge: About the Author

Ken was reaching out to turn off the computer when he noticed a new post. As it was a grey, rainy Sunday and he had nothing urgent to do, he clicked on it. Hmm, he thought. How much did he know of his creator? Glancing through the forty questions, he turned to Jess.

His boy was stretched out on the couch, a cup of coffee balanced precariously on his stomach, staring at the news on the television. The scowl on Jess’s face would just get more intense if he continued to watch.

“Hey, there’s another post on the Den. Turn off that crap and come help me,” Ken ordered softly.

Ken didn’t know if Jess was obeying him because he was a big, bad dom or if he was just disgusted with the news, like so many others. Whichever one, Ken grinned as Jess got up and walked to him.

“What do you need help with?”

“A new post on that group we are on. It’s “get to know the author”. I thought it’d be fun to try to answer.” Ken scooted his chair over, giving Jess room to pull another chair close.

“Your idea of fun has changed in the last few years.”

Ken choked on his laughter. “After we answer this, I’ll take you to the playroom and make you regret those words.”

“There was a time you’d want to play before we answered some post.”

“If we played first, you’d not be able to sit comfortably.” Ken loved the easy banter that had grown with their relationship. Had he known marriage would give Jess so much security, he’d had demanded they married in their first year.

The screech of the chair on the floor interrupted Ken’s thoughts. Jess bumped him as he sat down. “Ok, what’re the questions.”

“There’s forty of them. The first is favorite movie.”

Jess tilted his head. Ken could see the wheels turning in his mind. “Does it have to be one movie? Or could we just say action movies?”

“I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way. So, we’ll answer action movies on number 1. Ok, next one is favorite TV show. She doesn’t watch much TV. She used to watch that zombie show, so that’s number 2.” The sound of typing echoed in the room as Ken typed out the answers.

“Favorite artist?” Jess asked. “Like in painting and stuff? I think she just likes what she likes.”

“Four and five are easy,” Ken said. And at the same time, both men called out, “Chex Mix. Coffee.”

“Six is super easy. It’s me.”

Jess rolled his eyes at Ken’s answer. “I think her Neanderthal is boyfriend enough. Seven...what? Favorite position. We are NOT going there!”

Ken nodded his agreement. That was like thinking of your parents having sex. No. They would not go there. “Favorite sport? She doesn’t watch sports. Ok, nine and ten are easy. She’ll text and chat. She uses Facebook and Twitter so it’s not either/or.”

“Who the hell came up with these questions? Hard or soft? Fast or slow? Dirty or clean? Do you know what the Neanderthal would do to us if we answered those?” Jess shuddered at the thought.

Skipping to the next question, Ken started typing again. “Definitely satin as lace is itchy. Boxers or briefs? Doesn’t matter, Neanderthal wears what he wants. And she likes beards.”

Jess laughed. “Everyone knows she’s a coffee drinker. She’ll have a glass of wine once in a while but would rather have a Margarita. She likes savory and spicy over sweets.”

“Definitely likes to sleep in late. Oh, and her age? I’d say it’s old enough to know what she wants and isn’t ashamed of it.”

Jess looked at the screen. “Yeah. It takes a while to get to that age. Kind of more important than a number.”

“Yeah.” Ken ran a hand down Jess’s back. It had taken Jess time to not be ashamed of his wants and needs. “Ok, question twenty-two. Height? Average, I guess. Definitely married. Has three kids. One dog.”

“Wait. Is the dog her’s or ours?” Jess’s question gave them both pause.

“Let’s think on that one. Twenty-six and twenty-seven are easy. No tattoos, ears are pierced but she never wears jewelry.” Ken moved the mouse to scroll down and see the next question.

“I think her first job besides babysitting was working at a drive-in restaurant. And her first car is one I’d love to have now. A ‘62 Chevy Impala.” Jess’s eyes glowed at the thought of restoring the old car.

Ken brought him back to the computer as he read out, “First love? That’s easy-reading. Worst habit? I think that’s something between her and her Neanderthal.”

Jess nodded. He’d hate if someone outed his worst habit. “Best habit? Probably using her blinkers.”

“As much as she bitches about people not using their blinkers, she damn well better use hers! Ok, question thirty-three-celebrity crush. I don’t think she has one. Biggest wish? For her kids to find their contentment.”

“Question thirty-five. Greatest fear? She has so many. I don’t know which is her greatest.” Jess thought for a moment. He really couldn’t decide which one was her greatest. “Oh, thirty-six is easy. Photography is her hobby.”

Ken did a double take at the next question. “Weirdest quirk? What the hell is a quirk?”

“I think it’s like something different about her. I guess her weirdest quirk would be she won’t let her food touch.”

“That’s definitely different. Her guiltily pleasure? I don’t know what it is and if I did there’s no way in hell I’d share!” Ken paused a moment. He turned and looked Jess in the eye. “You do know I’d never share our secrets, don’t you?”

Jess’s flash of a smile reassured him. “I know. I let that worry go. I trust you.”

Ken’s heart started beating harder. Having Jess’s trust was everything in the world. He wanted to finish this up and take his boy into the room and reward him. “Thirty-nine and forty. Most embarrassing moment? She has too many to list. She doesn’t like candy so no she doesn’t eat the green ones.”

Typing out the last few answers, Ken pressed the send button and turned off the computer. He grabbed Jess’s wrist and yanked him out of the chair. “Come on, boy. I want to test how much you trust me. Into the playroom.”

As the two men indulged in their fantasies, an author sat down at her laptop. As she saw the post by her two characters, she spat her coffee and growled, “I’m going to kill them off!”

The End

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