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Drabble: Bedtime

I am working on part 3 of Destiny's Refuge, but a little drabble popped in my mind that demanded to be written.

Drabble: Bedtime

“Go on. It’s bedtime.”

My jaw dropped to the floor at his words. Bedtime? It was nine o’clock. I hadn’t gone to bed this early since...forever. Conveniently forgetting exactly why I had acquired a bedtime, I picked my jaw up off the hardwood and demanded, “Are you kidding me? I haven’t even watched the news!”

“Nothing but disaster, doom, and gloom. Not unlike what will happen to you if you don’t take yourself to bed.”

Standing up to face him. And give him a piece of my mind! I notice his hand on his belt. I took a step forward. I let my lips and mouth try to entice him to join me. If I had to go to bed early, I thought we could make it worth my while.

“No dice, bub.”

His words did not prepare me for the swat he landed on my butt. “Ouch,” I pouted at him. I decided enough games had been played tonight when he unbuckled his belt. With a gentle kiss, I bade him good night.

Lying under the covers, I could hear him softly moving about in the kitchen. I wondered about this strange need I had to have the reins tightened. An hour ago, I was a worried, stressed out mess. But one command from him, coupled with a slap on my ass, and I was as content as a well-fed kitten. I stopped battling to keep my eyelids open. I’d figure it out tomorrow. For now, I’d humor him and go to sleep.


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