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FIC: Little Fantasies: What Works

Title: Little Fantasies: What Works
Characters: Alex/Julien
Series: Little Fantasies

Alex’s eyes narrowed as he watched Julien ignore the computer in favor of the television. In favor of the ever disturbing news. For months now, Julien had become more and more obsessed with watching the news. Alex understood his need to stay informed. To try and make some sense of the hate rolling over the world. But all the news watching did was depress Julien until he could only see the bad. Not just today, but for the past few months. The man he loved had become withdrawn. Obsessed with the conflicts throughout the globe.

Alex wanted the silly, sometimes goofy man back. The man who accidentally on purpose emailed pictures to him of men being spanked. The man who melted into submission at the sight of a rectal thermometer. Alex had brought out the thermometer a couple times in the past few weeks. Julien’s submission and more importantly, his relaxation, lasted as long as they played. Too soon the anger and grief of the world were back in Julien’s heart and mind.

The last time Alex had seen Julien lighthearted and having fun had been at the Renaissance fair. He smiled to himself as he remembered Julien laughing with the vendors and actors. The teasing he had enjoyed when one of the actors noticed the new collar. The night of uninhibited sex they shared once they were home.

The thought of that night suddenly had a plan forming in Alex’s mind. He strode into the bedroom and started preparing for the night ahead. He pulled out the paddle from its home in the bottom drawer of the dresser. He went into the en suite where Julien had hung his collar on the corner of the mirror. Heading back into the bedroom, Alex looked around making sure there was nothing to distract Julien.

Once he was sure that everything was set, he walked to the bedroom door and called out, “Julien, please come here.”

“In a minute.”

“No. Now.” Alex called back.

“What? What do you want? I’m watching the news!”

“Julien. Now!” Alex knew his voice was more stern than it normally was, but it worked as he heard Julien stomp down the hallway.

“What? I’m watching the ne-,” Julien stopped short when he saw the paddle lying on the bed and the collar in Alex’s hand. “You want to play now? The news is on!”

“The news is always on,” Alex drawled sarcastically. “And no, I don’t want to play. I want something different. Something more.” Alex watched the understanding dawn in Julien’s face. That understanding was all that Alex needed. He continued, “The collar will be our symbol that reminds us that inside this house, it’s you and me. The worries and the sorrows of our world will not intrude. When the collar goes on, I think only of you. And you think only of me.”

Julien nodded slowly. “That’ll be hard to do.”

Stepping closer, Alex kissed him. “It will be hard to do. But, Jul, you know that anything worth having is hard to do. We can do this. For each other.”

Julien took a deep breath and slowly let it out. “Ok. Let’s do it.”

“Once this goes on, your only thought is of me. Of us. You don’t think of the news or what you have to do tomorrow. You think only. Of. Us.”

When Julien, wide-eyed, nodded his consent. Alex stepped behind him. Reaching over Julien’s head, he placed the collar around his neck and then buckled it with finality. He placed his hands on Julien’s shoulders and firmly turned him around. Alex took a step back and examined the way the collar lay against Julien’s skin.

“No. This won’t do.” At Julien’s horrified look, Alex quickly explained, “Your t-shirt hides too much of the collar.”

Julien’s hands flew to the hem of the shirt and then just as fast drew back when Alex slapped them.

“That’s my job, whelp.” He gave a silent sigh of relief as the tone and words settled around Julien.

Reaching out, Alex’s hands replaced Julien’s at the hem of the shirt. Slowly he slid the shirt up. Alex’s fingers brushed over Julien’s warm skin. He could feel the goosebumps rise on his rib cage. Once the shirt was above Julien’s head, Alex twisted the shirt trapping him with no escape.

Bending slightly, Alex took first Julien’s right nipple between his teeth. He flicked his tongue over the hard nub. He only stopped to give the same attention to Julien’s left nipple. He grinned when Julien’s breathing became labored. Straightening up, Alex lifted the shirt just enough to free Julien’s mouth. With Julien’s arms still trapped in the shirt, Alex devoured the panting mouth.

Breaking off the kiss, Alex stepped back and admired the body standing before him. The jeans Julien wore cupped him in the most delicious way. Hair that started beneath his stomach trailed below the jeans, like an arrow pointing to the prize. Julien’s chest wasn’t what anyone would call buff, but his pecs had clear definition. The only thing not pleasing was the sloop of Julien’s shoulders.

“Put your shoulders back, sweets. Be proud of your submission,” Alex ordered softly. “Let me see you.”

Alex’s eyes drank in the sight of Julien standing tall before him. The jeans that had cupped Julien’s front now seemed to be too tight. Alex reached out and firmly rubbed the bulge. He reached up and pinched Julien’s nipples. He smiled when he heard Julien’s groan of pleasure.

“Not so fast,” Alex cautioned. “We still need to get you out of these pants and redden your backside.”

“Um. I’m more than ready,” Julien said as he gestured to the bulge.

Alex didn’t want to fall into that trap. If they jumped right into bed, this would be nothing more than foreplay. Alex wanted it to be more than that. And he had a feeling that Julien did too.

“No. You’re not ready,” Alex contradicted. “You might be ready physically-“

“Might?” Julien squeaked out incredulously.

Smirking, Alex continued. “Yes. Might. Physically. But you are not ready emotionally, mentally. You’ve not been ready for several months. I want more than that. And I think you do too. Isn’t that what the spanky stories, the websites you’ve sent me, the pictures you’ve drooled over, all about? More than just for a night, yes? You want the lifestyle.”

Alex paused to let the words sink in. He knew the moment they did when Julien’s body shivered and he nodded.

“Give me the words, Juls,” Alex commanded. “I need the words so there are no misunderstandings.”

Julien obeyed and answered without hesitation, “Yes. Yes, Alex. I want the lifestyle.”

“I do too. We’ve played long enough, I think it’s time we became a little more serious.” For the briefest of moments, Alex thought of the irony of that statement. To help his Julien become the happy, fun-loving man he used to be, they had to take this power exchange more seriously.

Alex took Julien’s hand and led him to the bed. Once he sat down, he reached over and unbuttoned Julien’s jeans. After he unzipped them and pulled Julien’s boxers down with the jeans, he looked up and ordered, “Step out of them.”

He couldn’t help but admire the man standing before him. Not just the body or the evidence of his arousal, but of the strength in Julien. Taking his hand again, he led Julien over his lap. Alex positioned Julien with his chest and shoulders supported by the bed, his bare backside centered perfectly over his lap, and his legs hanging off the other side of his lap.

Alex felt the small tremors go through Julien’s body. He knew Julien had thoughts and desires of being dominated. Of submitting. But those thoughts and desires warred with what society told him. Alex wanted to show him that here, inside their home, it was what they wanted-not what society dictated.

“I’m not going to spank you for feeling the way you do. For being a concerned and caring human. I love that you feel so strongly. Strong men have strong emotions,” Alex said as he stroked the bare backside lying over his lap. “I am going to spank you for not coming to me. For not allowing me to help you. For not turning to your dominant like you really want to. And you do want to, don’t you?”

Julien nodded and mumbled, “Yes.”

The one word was all Alex needed. He brought his hand down sharply. He heard Julien suck in his breath at the sting of the swat. Alex wasn’t warming him up slowly, but starting as he meant to go on. This was a wake-up call for both of them. He brought his hand down again with the same force. The pain in his hand was his own penance for neglecting Julien. Without changing the strength behind each swat, Alex continued to bring his hand down, reddening Julien’s cheeks just like he’d promised he would.

When Julien started twisting to avoid the painful hand, Alex stopped. “From here on out, you will come to me when the world becomes too much. Come to me with your worries. With your anger at the world. We’ll work it out together. With what works for us-your collar, your thermometer, your paddle.”

With the last word, Alex picked up the paddle. “I’m going to give you five swats with the paddle. And we’ll be done for the night.” He didn’t make Julien wait but quickly brought the paddle down five times.

And for the first time, he heard Julien cry. Tears of pain, but more importantly, tears of release. Alex stroked his back as Julien cried out his anger and frustration that had built inside of him.

When the tears and tremors slowed, Alex pulled Julien along with him as he scooted up the bed. Keeping his love on his stomach, Alex awkwardly propped pillows against the headboard and leaned back.

“I’m sorry,” Julien mumbled.

“Sorry? For what?”

“For crying. For becoming obsessed with the news. For everything.”

Alex put his hand under Julien’s chin and lifted his head. Alex’s eyes met Julien’s. He fell in love all over again with him when he saw the spiky wet eyelashes, a lone tear yet to be released, and most importantly, the lines of tension were gone.

“Every night when you come home from work, you will bring me this.” Alex gently touched the collar. “And I will put it on you. That will help us both know who we are inside our home.”

Julien lifted his head and his spiky wet eyes met Alex's. “For how long?”

“For as long as we need it. There is no time limit. No deadline to meet. This is us and we’ll do it as long as we want.”

“Maybe we’ll even find something else to try on the internet,” Julien said.

Alex laughed as he flipped Julien over, reversing their positions. “One fantasy at a time, my whelp, one fantasy at a time.” Then he hungrily kissed Julien. There was one more thing he wanted tonight-a fantasy they’d been indulging in for several years.


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