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Drabble: Prologue

I've played with this drabble all week long and decided to share it.  A drabble is a 100 word piece that can convey a story, a feeling, a moment in time. This one is a moment in time.

Drabble: Prologue

An uncomfortable position. Hard legs dig into my stomach. Twist and turn to find an inch of comfort. None is found across the hard lap.

Mental strain vies with physical. Emotions swirl inside the head. Anger. Frustration. Embarrassment. Directed inward.

Physical and emotional spiral together. Chest tight with shame. Stomach clenched in anticipation. Shame to be here. Again.

Gently a hand laid on the small of the back. A forewarning. Reassurance. Prologue to the main event.

Suddenly uncomfortable becomes comforting. A place of safety. Security. Forgiveness. Of oneself.

The other hand lands with sharp precision. The main event has begun.



  1. Oh, very evocative! Yes, I know that moment well. Love your drabbles as always, Dizzy!

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Zillah! The moment uncomfortable become comfortable!