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FICLET: Seasons Change

A small discussion about how discipline relationships change over time sparked this ficlet.

Title: Seasons Change
Characters: Jerome/Saul
Series: TLR

Jerome was thankful he'd brought his snow boots with them. Spring may be right around the corner, but Maine held on to winter like a lover. The coffee he'd just had with another Top he'd met at the resort kept his insides warm as he trudged through the snow. Saul, not interested in coffee, had gone swimming instead.

Jerome thought back to the first time they'd come to the resort. They hadn't been together very long and they'd never been to a place that so openly accepted their relationship. Having a place to vacation that accepted not only gay men, but also men who practiced discipline was unbelievable. Jerome remembered being nervous and, as much as he hated to admit it, also frightened. He wanted Saul to stay right beside him for the duration of their stay. Going swimming alone while Jerome was visiting another guest would never had been considered.

Chuckling to himself, he also remembered Saul's flailing attempts at swimming. Saul had never learned to swim. When he'd been accepted at the university as a tenured professor, one of the perks was a full membership to the fitness center. The first time Jerome had gone to walk home with Saul, he'd watched in fear as his lover half drowned/half swam to the side of the pool.

That was the first of their rules-Saul would never swim alone and would take lessons immediately. Saul promptly took insult and Jerome was treated to the full fury of his lover. Jerome could still hear the icy clipped voice of Saul.

"While I appreciate your care and concern, you are not a Neanderthal nor my king that I must obey."

After that unilateral decision, Jerome had learned to discuss the boundaries in their relationship. They'd both been not quite young, but younger than they are now. Time, age, and love had taught them so much. Just like the seasons change, so to did their relationship. Rules and boundaries were built. Some of the boundaries were torn down later, others moved to different areas of need. With the advantage of hindsight, Jerome saw that many times the rules were just as much for his own benefit as they were Saul's. He could rest easy on the afternoons that Saul went to the gym knowing that he'd not swim. More importantly, he wouldn't drown!

Reaching the glass doors of the pool house, Jerome walked in. He stood and watched in love and desire as Saul glided through the water. He was still pale white, but his arms barely made a splash as he swam across the pool. Once his Brat had learned to swim, that particular boundary changed. Now, the rule was that Saul couldn't go horseback riding without him.

Becoming more aroused as he watched Saul lifted himself out of the pool, Jerome thought that their rules and boundaries may change, but their love for each other would be their constant.



  1. These are my favorites of the resort series. I like how you show the growth in a relationship. This is true to life.


    1. Thank you so much for your comments! I wanted to the growth to show, so I'm so glad you saw it. Again, thank you for the nice comments!