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Interlude: Peace of Night

This takes place a little further in Blessings Home, but demanded to be written now!  Gotta love characters that insist you write them.  If you'd like to read more about Gliese and the characters, you can read them on the Another Life Blog.

Title: Peace of Night
Characters: Elden/Misham
Series: Another Life: Blessings Home

The calm of the night seeped into Misham's soul, a welcomed intruder.  Looking up to the stars, he let the absence of emotion wash over him.  The moons and stars lived in harmony in the dark sky.  Harmony and peace within the darkness. He wondered if Enoch was finding some peace tonight.  If Chandir and Wryn were helping the fragile sub find solace. 

The visions of the destroyed temples had overwhelmed Enoch time and time again.  As Enoch saw the sacred places burned, bombed, torn asunder,  Misham felt the emotions.  Fear and confusion from Enoch; sadness, sorrow and despair from the believers.  Enoch's visions brought seizures that left his body sore and aching for days. Even though Misham felt the rush of  grief and anguish of the believers, once the emotions left him, he felt nothing but exhaustion.

Like a gentle wind, care and concerned filled Misham's soul.  Giving a soft smile, he turned to see Elden kneeling to sit beside him. 

"The night has always soothed you," Elden said. 

"Yes," Misham agreed.  "The night cloaks me in peace."

"She may cloak you, but when you leave our bed, a coldness settles around me," Elden retorted.

Misham's smile grew into a grin when Elden's shoulder bumped him.  The small bump was Elden's way of saying that he was half joking.  "You just desire to put your cold feet against my warm body."

"Of course. That is how it has always been," Elden teased.  Then growing more serious said, "You are so troubled, yet deny me the chance to comfort you."

"There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls*," Misham said in despair. "The visions harm him. The sorrow of so many squeeze my heart, but it's Enoch's pain that tears at my soul."

"Your guidance as he records his visions mends the tear," Elden said.  The teasing of moments before had turned to compassion.  "My love for you heals it."

Misham tilted his head.  His eyes met those of the man he'd opened his heart to.  The wounds of his heart caused by the pain and suffering of others had always been healed by his dominant. 

When Elden held out a hand, Misham reached out and grabbed it.  The strong hand that caressed him, brought him to the heights of pleasure, and at times the pain of punishment.  The hand that helped him up when he was down.  Getting to his feet, Misham leaned into Elden.

"Come, agape," Elden whispered. "Come to our bed and let me heal you."

Walking beside his dominant, Misham left the stars and moons to the quiet of the night.  He would find his own peace with Elden.  Together they would heal the tears in his soul.

*quote by George Carlin


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