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FIC: Blessings Home Chapter 2

Here's the second chapter in Blessings Home.  If you'd like to read more about Gliese just visit the Another Life Blog.

Title: Blessings Home Chapter 2
Characters: Chandir/Wryn/Enoch; Elden/Misham
Series: Another Life

Wryn ran his hand over the table top he'd just been sanding.  Reaching out, he smoothed out a rough spot with the hard sandstone.  Once more he let his palm skim over the wood.  He smiled as it glided over the table.  He took pride in making sure the furniture he made was of the finest quality but knowing that this table would go to Perry and Arvad, he was putting even more effort into the comfort of the pieces.  The two men had only known harshness and pain on Earth.  Wryn wanted them to know the comfort Gliese offered.

Shaking his head, Wryn started putting away the tools he'd used.  He knew that a large part of his need to make sure Arvad and Perry were well taken care of was because of his own sub, Enoch.  Enoch had come to him and Chandir from Earth just as the forgotten ones had come from the dying planet.  Enoch had been painfully thin and on the edge of death.  The stars favoring him had allowed Enoch to pull through and live.  He'd forever have a cough from breathing in bits of ash from a volcano. But with love and care from Chandir and himself, Enoch grew stronger everyday.

Thinking of his sub, Wryn closed his workshop and walked outside.  Enoch should've been home already.  Thoughts of his young lover were pushed to the back of his mind at the sight before him.  Chandir, his other lover and partner, was bathed in the sunlight of the setting sun.  Shirtless, his well defined chest rippled as he brought an ax down.  Again and again, the motion was repeated.  Wryn couldn't help but become aroused watching the man he loved.

The desire Wryn felt wasn't just because of the muscles, sweat, and power of the man.  The knowledge that Chandir was chopping the wood to give to elderly Historians contributed to the arousal.  A young Historian had foretold of the harsh winter that was to come.  Of great snow and bitter cold.  Upon hearing of the coming winter, Chandir had started chopping wood for fuel.  The XMene clay could only charge for so long, then other means of heating and lighting were needed.  Chandir's big, gruff heart held a soft spot for the elderly.  The caring that the big dominant had for others made Wryn fall even more in love with him.

Just as the last of the sun's light disappeared behind the horizon, Enoch walked into the clearing.  Before Wryn could say anything, Chandir dropped the ax and stormed toward the pale submissive.

"You are pale," the large dominant accused.  "And trembling! I knew this was too much.  You are still in need of rest!  I will allow no harm to come to my agape!  I will not condone this any longer.  You will not-"

Wryn jumped in before Chandir could finish.  "You will not work all day."  Wryn held his ground when the big man swung around.  Holding Chandir's gaze, Wryn spoke to Enoch. "You will only work from morning to noon meal."

He turned in time to see a small spark of resistance flare in Enoch's eyes, before exhaustion extinguished it.  At his look of expectation, Enoch nodded his acquiescence.

Shifting his eyes back to Chandir, he saw the stubborn set to the dominant's jaw.  His heart wept for the strong man.  He knew Chandir was waging a war within himself.  The need to wrap Enoch in the softest cotton and keep him safe, battled against his knowledge that the young man from Earth needed to make a life for himself here on Gliese. 

Wryn hid his relief when the battle inside Chandir finally ceased.  A curt nod from the man signaled his agreement.  Reason had won the battle.

The exhaustion on Enoch's face coupled with the obstinate look on Chandir's, Wryn decided that dinner could wait.  The bathhouse offered hot water to soothe their muscles, the loving touches they'd give each other the balm for their moods.

"Our meal can simmer longer," Wryn said in a softly authoritative voice.  "The baths call to me."

Though night was fully upon them, the moon lit the way. The path to the hot pools was wide enough for Chandir and Enoch to walk side by side.  Wryn herded them from behind.  He knew he'd made the right decision as he watched the forms in front of him. Chandir's back was rigidly straight and Enoch's shoulders slumped in defeat.  No words were uttered as the three walked.  To a stranger, they might seem like separate entities.  But to those who could see beyond the surface, the three men were one unit.  The three sides of the strongest triangle.

Slowly the front of the bathhouse came into view.  Many generations past, the Historians had discovered the hot springs inside the cave.  Stone masons had worked hard to make the front of the cave beautiful by carving scenes of wildlife and fauna.  Woodworkers had lent their expertise and built sturdy doors to keep the heat contained. 

Once inside the cave, the artists of the past had continued their crafts.  Stone and wood benches were strategically placed.  Along one side of the cave, a table about hip high, stood with various offerings.  Soaps and lotions waited for their guests.  Steps had been carved leading into the hot spring.  At the back of the springs a wooden box filled with rocks sat over a vent in the floor.  The vent allowed the heat to rise from deep within Gliese.  A ladle of water poured over the rocks, created a steam bath.

After disrobing, Wryn walked to the table.  He lifted each bottle to his nose.  Finally he found one with a light citrus scent to it. Kyra had once told him that the scent alleviated anger, anxiety and tiredness.  He knew his men were feeling all three emotions.  Gathering the bottle, Wryn stepped down in the hot pool where Chandir and Enoch were waiting.

Letting out a hiss at the warmth of the water against his cool skin, he sat on the rock ledge.  Sliding closer to Enoch, he could feel the tension from the man.  "You smell of fear.  Come lean against me and let me care for you."

His sub obeyed the gentle command.  Wryn pulled him between his legs and back against his chest.  Wrapping his arms around Enoch, he poured a bit of the soap in his hands.  With sure strong hands, Wryn lathered Enoch with the soap.  He firmly rubbed each arm and leg.  Tipping Enoch forward, he massaged the thin back.  Wryn kept up his ministrations until Enoch was completely relaxed. 

While Wryn had soothed the sub, Chandir had moved until he was in front of Enoch.  The two large doms had the smaller man sandwiched between them.  Wryn reached further and ran his hands roughly over Chandir's back. 

As he lathered and massaged Chandir, a slow sensual rhythm began.  The wet, masculine bodies moved together.  The rhythm became thrusts.  Water splashed and spilled over as the movements became more urgent until their moans of completion echoed through the cave.

By the time Wryn and Chandir had gained their breath back, Enoch was dead weight.  Wryn held him as the other dominant dried off and dressed.  Then Wryn half lifted Enoch up.  Once Chandir had him, Wryn climbed out.

Wryn wasted no time and hurriedly dried and dressed.  He wanted to get Enoch home and fed; he knew as soon as their sub laid down, he'd slumber the night through.

The men walked quietly along the path, the silence at peace with the night.  Again, Wryn followed behind the other two.  He was relieved to see them more relaxed.  Their cottage came into view; the soft glow from the windows a welcoming light.

Inside, Wryn spooned the thick stew into bowls as Chandir settled Enoch at the table.  After setting the bowls down, Wryn brought over a loaf of warm bread.  The meal was hearty and comforting.  The men talked softly of inconsequential things; the weather, the antics of Astrid and how she kept her three partners on their toes.  Wryn watched Enoch closely.  The easy conversation did not hide the younger man's air of defeat.

"The water did not wash away your worries," Wryn said.  When Enoch's head shot up, Wryn knew that there was more on the sub's mind.  "Let me help."

"There is nothing wrong," Enoch stammered. "Just tired from the day."

"A half day, is all you will work." Chandir's voice was low but firm.

Wryn held up a hand to quiet the strong dominant.  "Tiredness does not weigh the shoulders down.  There is more. Tell me." 

"Nothing.  I'm just tired."

The way Enoch mumbled the words and avoided Wryn's gaze had Wryn hardening his voice. "You've surely learned by now, that Chandir is not the only one who will discipline you.  Would a trip over my lap help you to tell me?"

Enoch flushed red and straightened up.  Taking a deep breath, he stuttered out, ",...I can't write well.  Yes.  That's it, I can't write very well.  There were no schools left.  So, Misham is writing for me."

Wryn tilted his head.  Something seemed off, but he decided that Enoch must be ashamed of his lack of skills.  "Oh my agape.  That is nothing to worry about.  We can help you learn to write.  You may need Misham for the first volume, but you are smart.  You will be writing in the second volume.  We have all winter.  You've not yet experienced a winter on Gliese.  The night steals from the day.  We are gifted with dark hours to spend together.  Some of that time will be spent teaching you."

The tension eased from the men at Enoch's confession and Wryn's offer of help.  Wryn hoped that with the shorten days of working in the library and learning to write, Enoch's shoulder's would straighten and his smile would appear again.  With winter soon upon them, he vowed to spend the time with the men he loved.


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