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Forgotten Ones Chapter 5 part A

This is just the first part of chapter 5 of the Forgotten Ones.  Chapter 5 will be the end of the Forgotten Ones.  Thank you so much to Duckling-she asked me what would happen if someone was left on Earth.

If you'd like to read more about Gliese and the people there, you can read about them on the Another Life Blog.

Title: Forgotten Ones Chapter 5
Characters: Elden/Misham; Arvad/Perry
Series: Another Life

Elden woke instantly when a hand was laid gently on his shoulder. Opening his eyes, he saw Misham standing beside the bed. The glow of the night sky showed Elden that his sub was fully dressed. Sitting up, he noticed the satchels packed and ready to go. Shaking his head, he wondered how his sub could walk so quietly. "Like a spirit you are," he grumbled.

"Time has come," Misham stated calmly.

Elden threw back the covers. After dressing in a tunic and pants, he turned and smoothed the covers over the bed. He asked no questions. He trusted in his submissive with all his being. The time had come to find the forgotten ones-he wouldn't argue that daylight would be better. Fates and Misham knew the plan.

Facing Misham, he saw that their satchels were packed. Food, water, and a few other essentials were waiting to be taken to Earth. Picking up several strips of leather, Elden attached as many of the satchels as he could around him. His sub was finished securing his own satchels before him.

"We must go," Misham urged quietly.

Nodding, Elden led the way out of the house. "Lead me to our destination, but once we are on Earth, you do not leave my side. Understood." He stood unmoving until Misham nodded.

"The promise. I want the promise." Elden's voice was unrelenting.

"I will stay by your side once we are on Earth," Misham acquiesced. "But I must lead you now."

Elden held out his hand, inviting his sub to go before him. The night's darkness was only broken by the occasional glow of a lamp in a distant cottage. No doubt someone woken by a vision. Historians accepted the visions with honor-never questioning the timing. Elden's own visions came at odd times.

Following Misham, they entered the dense woods that surrounded the village. Walking deeper into the forest, the silence was suddenly shattered. The sound of footsteps on the fallen leaves and seeds pierced the night. Elden pulled Misham behind him.

"I didn't mean to startle you," a soft voice called out.

Astonished, Elden called out, "Enoch? What do you here?"

"He is trying my wrath," Chandir snarled behind them.

Whirling around, Elden groused, "Is nothing sacred?"

Chandir lifted an eyebrow. "You ask that of Historians? You, yourself are of the descendants, as is your submissive."

"I've not been gifted with your visions. Not in the manner you have them," Misham said softly.

Elden reached his hand out and stroked down Misham's back. A blend of two races, Misham was gifted with only parts of each. His sub had always felt the empathy he had inherited was a curse. He couldn't fully link to anyone, but Elden had been his chosen one. Chosen from the gods, the stars, whoever makes these decisions. Until Elden met Misham, he'd dreamed and had visions that had haunted him about the dark eyed child. As Elden grew older so did the one he dreamed of. When they met, their puzzle had been completed.

"Before we wake the full village, may I enquire as to what in the stars are you doing here, Enoch?" Wryn's voice had started softly, but as he talked, his volume rose.

Elden watched as Enoch pulled something out of his pocket.

"Here, it is not much, but Chandir has kept the blade sharp," Enoch said, handing Elden a knife.

"Agape, are you sure? That was gifted to you by your father. And his father before him," Wryn asked gently.

Nodding, Enoch said, "They might need protection. I have no need of it. I now have you."

Elden felt a lump rise in his throat as the small submissive was engulfed by his dominants. Enoch's lungs were forever damaged and the lack of nutrition had stunted his growth. He'd overcome much with the help of his dominants and his own strength.

"May your journey be secure," Chandir called over his shoulder as the trio walked out of the forest.

"We will return the knife to you, Enoch, upon our return," Misham called out to the retreating men. "Come we must hurry."

Elden stuffed the knife in the waist of his pants. His tunic would hide it, but the slits in the side of the fabric would give easy access. Elden's long strides soon had him next to Misham. Walking deeper in the woods, the submissive suddenly stopped. Elden watched as he tilted his head back and looked up.

Following Misham's gaze, Elden saw the trees towering over them. The stars seemed to be growing brighter. And brighter. Then they were surrounded by blue light. The absence of sound was overwhelming. Pulling Misham to him tightly, both men fell. Instead of hitting solid ground, Elden felt them fly. Fly through space and time. Until consciousness was lost.



  1. Why haven't you shared this on the group?? Did you and I didn't see it somehow?

    I love it! Love how Misham takes the lead and Elden lets him but insists on a verbal promise. Saying a promise out loud definitely "sets it in stone" in my opinion. Love Enoch giving them his knife, too. He knows too well the dangers they'll face. I hope Wryn and Chandir aren't too hard on him for going out.

    1. I have the next part almost ready to post-not quite the finished chapter, but the next part of it. I'll post it on the Den soon! Thank you so so much! I so appreciate your feedback!


  2. The mood you set in this is wonderful! I can't believe you just stopped! I can't wait for the next part!


    1. Thank you, Jamie! I hate cliffhangers too! I will add to this part soon! Thank you so much for the nice words!