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Drabble: Labels

There's so much hurt in our world right now.  This came from the hurts.

Title: Labels
Characters: Neanderthal/Wench

Little hurts. Big hurts. Another news story.  Another example of how hateful humans can be to each other.  Feeling low, sad. The Wench wondered about the labels that seemed to define.  And divide.

Bouncing up, determination on her face.  Build walls.  Around the heart.  Around the spirit.  Walls so big hate and hurt could never scale.  Walls that protect from labels.  Labels that harm.

Grunts and growls.  The Neanderthal speaks.  More growls and grunts.  A tearful explanation of the Wench's woes. 

"Mine" she interprets from his growls.   A small smile.  "Mine."  A label that joins them.  A label that heals.


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