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Guest Author: Huh Ficlet: WoolWorth Value

A Den member wrote an amazing ficlet that hit me in such a wonderful way.  Huh has graciously allowed me to host it here.  I'm sure it'll hit some of you as hard as it hit me.

WoolWorth Value by Huh
"I have you.  It's ok.  Everybody loves you.  Breathe.  That's it.  Let it go.  Release.  We take care of our own.  You sound better.  Do you have medication or do you need a doctor?"
"I'm ok.  I jus' need to breathe a bit.  I'm ok.  I won't be getting the job at WoolWorth.  I didn't do anything wrong.  There's no action that I can take.  They like me.  They just can't hire me.  They're very sorry.  It doesn't feel like it from this side.  They don't value me."
"That doesn't matter at all.  They're not important.  You tried.  You did your best.  You excelled.  Woolworth doesn't understand your value.  Would you write the below sentence for me?"
<Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth.>
I balk at the sentence irritated with this situation.  It's the third job refusing me for the same reasons.  However, I've agreed to accept consequences in our relationship.  I've agreed to this lifestyle.  In the face of lines, I'm beginning to wonder why.  "How many times?"
"I'll let you know when you're done.  Thank you, Sweetheart."
As I begin to write these tedious lines, I complain.  I kvetch.  I explain very rationally how this is an unnecessary exercise in futility.
Calmly, my hand is held and tugged gently to indicate that I should stand.  I obey reluctantly.  Rationally explained, my bottom stings with a new understanding of the importance of these particular lines.  I eagerly take my seat, escaping with relief and accepting of any remaining sting.

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