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Drabble: Work in Progress

As we start a new year, it's nice to know that we are all just "works in progress".  We might make the same mistakes over again, but with a loving partner and loving friends, all will be good in our lives.  I hope everyone finds peace and harmony in the new year!

Drabble: Work in Progress

Again.   And again.  The same mistake.  A few variations-a different day; a different place.  But the same mistake made.

A swat.  A spanking.  A corner.  A very boring corner.  Quotes to think about.  And discuss.  Opening up again to those painfully embarrassing inner thoughts.

Promises and pledges to never do it again.  Never doubt the internal instincts.  The external reinforcements.  Promises and pledges made in good faith.  Yet broken once again.

Stretching.  Growing.  Reaching unattainable heights.  Slipping.  Falling.  Reruns of past mistakes.

Discipline.  Hugs.  Cuddles.  Reassurances.  Understanding.  A work in progress.  Progress of self.  Of others.  Of us.  Together.



  1. Love this. It's so true, no matter how old we are, we are all still works in progress. Very profound, Dizzy.

    1. Thank you, Snarks!! And not to be so upset when we make the same mistakes :-).