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Little Fantasies: Fiction To Reality

Title: Fiction to Reality
Characters: Alex/Julien
Series: Little Fantasies
A/N: some of the quotes that Alex used were from submissions from some of the members of The Den

Alex closed the laptop and stretched.  The sound of the rain hitting the windows had him smiling a little.  Oh, what a weekend he had planned for his Brat.  Alex's small smile spread into a grin.  He hadn't ever called Julien a Brat but he would this weekend.  While his Brat had been writing some reports, Alex had been reading some of the stories that Julien loved so much.  When the other man had said he was going to bed, Alex had been in the middle of a story and had told him to go on, that he'd be there soon.  That was several hours ago, but as Alex read story after story a thought had formulated in his mind.  The weather report had stated that this weekend would be a wash out with cold temperatures and a drizzling rain.  Perfect weather to stay inside and play a little.  But he'd need to get to bed so that he'd be in Top form.  He chuckled at the play on words in his mind.

Alex stood and took his empty cup of coffee to the kitchen.  Everything was in good order except for one small dish.  That had been Julien's evening snack bowl of popcorn.  It held a few kernels and some salt was stuck on the sides.  Not a big deal, that one bowl but it would be perfect, Alex thought.  He rinsed out his cup and put it in the dishwasher, leaving his partner's popcorn bowl sitting on the counter.  Then he did his night time routine and snuggled in with Julien.  Wrapping his arms around the man he loved, Alex fell asleep.

The light patter of rain woke Alex the next morning.  Worried he might have slept in later than he wanted to, he carefully turned over.  With a sigh of relief, he saw Julien lying next to him.  Alex watched him sleep for just a minute.  He couldn't get enough of this man.  Even when that man was lying on his back, snoring slightly with a small line of drool going from his mouth to the pillow.  Alex grinned a bit at the sight, and then carefully slipped out of bed.  He had plans for the day.

Alex quietly dressed and slipped out of the bedroom.  He knew Julien wouldn't sleep in too late.  He wanted to start the day out right.  He could already feel the dominance building inside himself.  Alex went the refrigerator and pulled out some eggs.  They normally didn't cook a big breakfast, but he felt the need to take care of his lover in all ways.  He wasn't overly loud as he cooked, but he didn't make an effort to be quiet either.  As much as he knew Julien was going to get a thrill out of the day, he knew also, he would too and he was anxious to get started.  And right before the eggs were finished cooking, he heard Julien come into the kitchen.

"You cooking eggs?" Julien asked.

Alex turned to face his boy, lowered his voice a bit and said pointedly, "Good morning."

Julien's eyes went wide. "Oh. Um.  Yeah.  Good morning, Alex."

Alex knew that his boy felt the dominance that he was feeling, and Julien's submission naturally responded.  Alex walked over and gave him a quick, hard kiss. "That's better.  And yes, I'm cooking eggs this morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  And you, my lad, have gotten into the habit of a quick bowl of cereal or a Poptart before dashing out the door.  Not nearly enough to keep you fueled all day long."

"I'm in a bit of a hurry to get to work," Julien excused.  "And it's usually too early to eat."

Alex didn't let the smile show on his face, but inside he was smiling ear to ear.  Oh, yes, his Brat wanted this.   "Well it's not too early today and the eggs are done. Sit. Now."  When Julien sat down, Alex dished up the eggs. 

Just as he was sitting, he heard Julien quietly say, "I need this today."

Alex nodded.  Julien did need this.  He'd had to travel all over the state in his job.  Stress had been piling up.  Nerves right at the surface to be hit oh so wrong for the slightest thing.  Julien needed to be given the comfort of discipline.  And Alex needed to give it.  He'd watched his boy quietly and discreetly spin all week long.  There'd been no breaking of rules or misdeeds, but sometimes fences needed to be pulled in to offer comfort.  That was what this day was all about.

"We need to go over our house-rules again.  It seems that some are being forgotten.  We'll talk about that as soon as breakfast is over," Alex said.  He didn't need to tell Julien he'd heard his earlier words, the comments he made assured Julien that he would get what he needed.

Alex kept the conversation light as they ate.  He didn't want Julien's nerves and stress to go to his stomach.  He waited until they were both finished and Julien had stood to put his plate in the dishwasher.

"Julien, what do you see sitting by the sink?" He asked.

Julien looked baffled.  "Um.  A bowl?"

"Yes, your bowl from last night.  You didn't rinse it out.  We don't have many rules, but one is that we rinse out our dishes and put them away."  Alex stumbled a bit.  They really didn't have a lot of rules.  And house cleaning wasn't one.  They were both fairly neat, but he wanted to give that certain feeling to Julien.

"Um. We really don't have a rule like that," Julien said.

Damn, Alex thought.  But then a bit of inspiration came to him.  "You are right.  We don't.  We have one.  And that is, my rules are simple: obey me and you will be rewarded.  Disobey me and you will have consequences."  He paused and waited as Julien processed his words.  When Julien nodded, he continued, "When you took the bowl into the kitchen last night, I told you to rinse it out and you didn't.  You didn't obey me.  So, you need to rinse it out now and put it away."

Julien turned to do as he was told.  Then he stomped his foot.  "You know I've been working crazy hours this week!  All the schools going one to one devices has me going from one end of the state to another!  One dish left out isn't a crime."

Alex knew the small tantrum wasn't a show.  No, he'd given Julien a safe place to spin out.  And Alex would pull the fences even tighter.  "Stop.  Corner. Now. That one."  Alex pointed to the one corner in the kitchen that could be used.  It was a small space situated between the cabinets and the door to the backyard, but it would work.

As Julien stomped to the assigned corner, Alex knew for certain that his boy's stomach was now twisted into confusion.  Fear and desire mixing together to create that feeling Julien craved so much.  Alex understood that, but from the other end of the spectrum. His chest swelled with the thrill of dominance.  As did something further south on his body.  That would have to wait.  Discipline was what was needed right now.  Later would come the time for sex.

"This is ridiculous!" Julien complained from the corner he was facing.

"Shhh.  We'll talk about it in a minute.  For right now, you just stand there and calm down." They hadn't used corner time before.  But Alex felt deep in his soul, that Julien really needed this time to gather himself together.  No distractions.  Nothing to do but breathe in and out and relax.


When Julien snapped out the response, Alex walked over and gave him a sharp swat.  "I said, shhh.  That means don't talk.  We will talk later."

Alex stood behind Julien for a few moments, then he sat down at the table.  The five minutes he'd silently decided on was harder on him then he ever imagined.  His lover, his partner, stood in the corner proudly.  As Alex watched his back, he saw just a tiny bit of tension escape.  He gave a sigh of relief, this was the best thing for Julien.

When the five minutes were finally over, Alex sternly said, "Are we done with the tantrums?"

"Yes, sir," Julien said with just a hint of sarcasm.

"Julien, think long and hard on how you want this day to go.  I have no problems with you spending it in the corner, but I would rather spend it with you.  Am I understood?"

Alex watched as Julien's shoulders lowered just a little more. Then his boy said with a little more respect, "Yes, sir."

"Good boy.  Now go ahead and rinse out your plate and the bowl from last night."

Julien did as he was asked, but not as quietly as he could have.  Flipping on the hot water faucet, and dramatically making a show of rinsing off each item, he then slammed them in the dishwasher.  "Satisfied?  They are rinsed and in the washer."

Alex raised his eyebrow.  "Not quite.  You need to shut the dishwasher door."

When Julien gave a back kick with his foot, the door to the dishwasher slammed up and then bounced back down on it's hinges.  

"Again.  Try using your hands and not quite so much force this time." With each little infraction, Alex felt more and more at ease.  The dominance was humming inside him.  He was doing what came naturally to him and it was what his lover needed.  Once Julien did as he was requested, Alex said almost conversationally, "go get the paddle."

He watched as Julien froze in place.  Alex could almost feel Julien's cheeks clenching.  He could almost feel his stomach doing flip-flops.  

"Go on.  Go get the paddle now.  Bring it and yourself to the living room," Alex said.  And then with a bit of menace, he added, "I'll be there waiting."

When Julien went down the hall to their bedroom to collect the paddle, Alex went into the living room.  He pulled the coffee table away from the couch.  They weren't overly big men, both reaching just at six foot, but they still needed room to get done what needed to be done.  Once the table was pulled out enough, Alex sat down in the middle of the couch.  Plenty of room for Julien to go across his lap.

"Ahem," Julien cleared his throat.  "Um. Here you go."

Alex took the paddle and looked at his love.  "Slip out of those pajama pants."  He knew that Julien was bare under the flannel pants so there was no need to request underwear to be removed.

When Julien obeyed his order, Alex held out his hand.  Then he helped his boy over his lap. "Tell me, why are you getting a spanking?" He asked.  He hoped his boy would be able to articulate this need.  He was rewarded when Julien spoke.

"I've been spinning all week.  I've not talked to you or let you help me.  I've bitten your head off all week long and then threw a tantrum this morning over nothing."

Alex swatted Julien.  "No, not over nothing.  You were upset.  You are stressed. That is not nothing.  But it's not how we work.  Is it?"  Alex swatted Julien again to emphasize his words.

"No," Julien yelped.  "It's not how we work."

Alex brought his hand down again.  "How do we work?"  Another hard swat.

"We share our worries.  We share our burdens," Julien gulped out.

Hand met pinkening butt again.  "We should share our worries and our burdens.  But you didn't this week.  Why?"

Alex worried he might have pushed Julien too hard when Julien let out a small sob.

"Because I didn't want to worry you.  I didn't want to need this," Julien cried out.

Alex gave him a few more hard spanks.  "I thought this was what you wanted?" He asked.  He wasn't confused.  They'd been together long enough that Alex had an idea what Julien was saying.  He just wanted Julien to understand it and say it out loud.

"It is what I wanted.  What I do want.  But I don't want to need it," Julien said. 

Alex gave another sharp swat with his hand.  "Go on."

Julien buried his head in the couch cushion until Alex gave a few more spanks.  "I do want it, until I need it. Then I feel like I'm asking too much from you."

There it was.  What Alex had suspect.  "You don't decided what is too much.  That's my decision.  And that's how you've ended up with a paddling, my boy.  But trying to manipulate us. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, sir," Julien choked out. 

Alex reached for the paddle he had sat beside him, and said, "Don't manipulate us. We'll work things out as they come to us."  Then he proceeded to paddle the bare butt on his lap.  He didn't put all his strength into swinging the paddle.  That wasn't what Julien needed.  No, Julien needed to know that Alex has everything under control and he needed to feel the slight sting for the rest of the day.  That sting, Alex knew, would continually reminded his boy that he was loved and cared for and had discipline in his life. When twenty swift swats were mete out on Julien's ass, Alex set the paddle aside.  He rubbed his hands down Julien's back and over his red cheeks.  He rubbed until Julien started to shift.  The Alex leaned back and pulled Julien to him.  They sat quietly there on the couch with Julien's head on his chest.

Eventually, Julien asked, "How did you know what I needed?" His voice was still a little shaky, but his shoulders were relaxed and his body wasn't tense as it had been all week.

Alex laughed and then explained, "All those stories you read?  Well, last night I read one.  And then one lead into another and before I knew it midnight had come and gone.  But as I read, I thought of some of the phrases that were used.  They just seemed to fit what we needed."

"Yeah.  I guess they were.  Kind of strange how fiction can turn to reality."

Alex murmured his agreement as he snuggled Julien closer.  What started out as a little fantasy for Julien had become a lifestyle for them both.  And one that gave them both comfort.

The End

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