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Joel Chapter 10

Title: Joel Chapter 10
Characters: Joel/Teegan
Series: Another Life

A/N: Many words used on Gliese come from ancient Greek.  Before time, an ancient race of Greeks, Arkhanios, had visited Gliese and the people of Glese kept some of their words.   Anax means lord or king and is used on Gliese as the title of a ruler of a nation.  Arkhe means chief or authority. Dominants are often refered to as Arkhe.   Kalos is the shortened form of Didaskalos meaning teacher, instructor or guide.  Pais is boy or child.  Agape means love.

Joel Chapter 10

Joel looked at the satchels at his feet.  He'd been gifted with so much more than material things.  His heart was weeping as he thought of this wonderful second chance he'd been given when most of the Earth's population had perished.  On Earth, he was lucky to have the thread-bare clothes on his back.  But here on Gliese he now had the things he needed to go on the next journey of his life. To go to the northern nation of Tarvos.

Ryder and Aiden had brought over baskets of dried fruits, meats, and bread.  Archer and Trey had given him two extra tunics and pants.  The past couple days, Joel had met more and more of the villagers of Kajov.  Their generosity had brought Joel boots, cloaks, and other necessities for the harsh environment of Tarvos.

He lifted his eyes from the supplies and looked around the room.  The men had also given him strength. Flashbacks of how weak and confused he was when he first opened his eyes.  He'd lain in a soft bed for the first time since leaving his family home to find work in New York.  He'd received fresh, nutritious food that he'd never had before.  He'd also found friends and his mentors here.  Joel didn't doubt his decision to go with Teegan.  He knew this was different than when he left the farm he'd been raised on.  Back then, he hadn't known if he'd ever see his family again.  But life on Gliese was different.  He knew he and Teegan would make the trip to Tarvos and he was confident they'd return here to Kajov again.

"I won't pretend to like that you are going," Trey said softly coming into the room.  "I'm selfish.  I want you to stay here."

Joel turned to the sad submissive.  "I know.  You don't have to like it.  But its something I need to do.  And I think as much as you don't like it, you do understand why."

He knew Trey understood when the young man nodded his head in acceptance. "We will be back, Teegan and I.  I'd hate to return and find that you hadn't been able to sit comfortably at all the whole time we've been gone."

"I'll be as good as I can," Trey promised with a little laugh.  "But sometimes, its nice to have a bit of discomfort when I sit.  It reminds me that I belong."

Joel let out a small laugh and kissed Trey on his forehead.  Trey and Archer had been teaching Joel about the dynamics of domination and submission.  He knew he had only scratched the surface before he found Teegan.  There was much more that he needed to learn.  Learn from these two men.  But Teegan being from a race of warriors had an allegiance to his Anax.  Before Joel could fully claim his sub, he had to gain permission from the warrior king.  

"I understand about the need to belong.  To know that you are accepted for who you are.  To know that you have others who care about you.  And for you to care for.  Trey, you and Archer have given that to me.  I'll be back, but in the time I'm gone, I will think of you and the life you have shown me."

Voices from the room beyond alerted Joel that the time to leave was immediate.  He gave Trey a hard hug and another brisk kiss on his forehead.  "Can you see me off?  With a smile?  I need to have the image of your smiling face to carry me through this journey."

Trey hugged him back just as fiercely and nodded.  "I'll try."

"You'll DO," Archer's voice came from the doorway.  "You'll give him his smile as he leaves.  You can cry when he's gone, and I'll hold you."

Joel looked at Archer in gratitude.  Teegan was waiting for him in the kitchen and it was time to leave.  "Come see me to the river.  You can save me if I fall out of the boat."

The three men laughed as they gathered the satchels and went to Teegan.

"I'll keep him safe for you," Teegan told the distraught sub.

Joel gave a self depreciating sigh.  "Teegan, I"m the dom.  I'm supposed to keep you safe."

"We're supposed to keep each other safe," the stubborn sub quipped.

Trey walked to Teegan and embraced him. "The words you speak assure me that Joel will be safe with you."

"As he'll be safe with Joel as well," Archer spoke.

"At least one man has faith in me," Joel teased. "Come, I'm sure they are all waiting."

"Who?" Teegan asked.  "Who is waiting?"

Joel looked at Teegan in confusion. "The others from Tarvos.  Aren't they waiting for us?"

Teegan looked down at his feet.  "Um."

As new as he was to dominance, Joel's instincts took over.  "Look at me, Teegan.  If you've done something, you own up to it.  Do not be ashamed of the mistakes you have willingly and intentionally made.  Learn from them, instead.  I'm here to help the teaching process."

Teegan looked up at Joel.  "I sent them ahead."

"You what?" Archer snarled. "You sent them ahead?  This is a hard journey for those who've previously made it.  Its almost impossible for those who've never traveled there before!"

"I've traveled it before!  And I AM a warrior!  Were you not listening when I said I would keep him safe!" Teegan yelled and then let out a yelp when Joel's hand seemed to take on a life of its own and smacked him on his backside.

"Enough." Joel commanded. "Archer, I know you fear for me.  But take comfort in the fact that you have shown me my abilities.  Teegan, if we'd taken the time to explore our relationship before jumping feet first into this, you would know the consequences of your actions.  Since we've not taken the time to define the perimeters of our relationship, I will not give you your due this time.  However, know now, that any decision that effects us will be a joint decision."  Joel looked sternly at his sub.  "This is a command without negotiation. Do. You. Understand."

Teegan nodded his head in acceptance at the non-question.

"Use your voice so that we will have no misunderstandings," Joel said not unkindly.

"Yes, Arke, I understand."

Joel's heart thumped at the title of Arke being applied to him.  Said to him from the submissive who stole his heart.  It begged him to demand more. "I want the full pledge."

Teegan swallowed hard then gave his dominant what he asked for.  "Any decisions that effect us will be made together."

"We will have many days to learn of each other.  The journey to Tarvos has now gifted us with the time and opportunity to know how we will be together," Joel said.  He laid his hand softly against Teegan's face.  The same hand that had sharply swatted Teegan, now caressed his face.  

Suddenly his arms were full as Teegan flew into him.  Joel held him close and breathed in the scent of his love.  They would face trials and troubles on the trip, he had no doubt. But they'd make it together.  He was sure of it as Joel knew he sheltered the universe in his arms.  


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