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FIC: Little Fantasies: Dominance and Discipline

I've had a couple requests for the "naughty thermometer" (rectal thermometer).  Thank you so much to those who've emailed me asking for a story.  I hope you like this!

Title: Dominance and Discipline 
Characters: Alex/Julien
Series: Little Fantasies
A/N: Use of the naughty thermometer and explicit sex.

Julien ambled around the house.  Sundays were usually a day of rest and relaxing, but he felt restless with energy to burn. He puttered a bit in the kitchen, wiping down the cabinets. Then he wandered into the bedroom and made the bed.  With just the two of them, and neither of them messy people, their home was clean.  He meandered into their third bedroom, the room that both Alex and him used as an office.  Alex, however, was more busy with cerebral pursuits, so he started fiddling with the bookshelf and then with the papers on his desk.

"Julien, will you please find something to do?" Alex asked. "I have to have this programmed by the morning.  Your incessant pacing is driving me crazy."

Julien knew that Alex had been working on the device for the deaf/blind teenager all weekend, and knew that he wanted to install it first thing Monday morning.  But his own case-load was all caught up and he felt the burning need to get some exercise.

"My body feels like its vibrating.  I've not gotten enough exercise this weekend," Julien complained, bouncing on his toes.

"Go to the gym!  That's why we have a membership."

The thought of the overly bright gym with the loud sounds of clinking metal on metal as muscle bound men lifted weights was not a pleasing one to Julien.  His distaste must have shown on his face because Alex held up a finger, one eyebrow quirking up, and said, "Either go to the gym, or I'll stand you in a corner until I'm done."

Julien eek'd.  "You know, I'm the one that brought up discipline in this relationship!  But you sure have gotten the hang of it!"

"Gym. Or. Corner.  Your choice."

Setting down the file, he'd picked up, Julien turned to Alex and said, "I think I'll go to the gym for awhile."

"Good idea.  By the time you get back, I should be finished with this and then why don't we grill out tonight?"

"Fine." Julien knew he was being petty, but Alex started it with the threat of the corner.  They didn't DO that in their relationship!  They played with spankings.  Well, ok, they had started using spankings for discipline too. But not. The Corner.  Still feeling petty, Julien walked out of the room with a casual, "See ya later."


Julien froze mid-step.  That was Alex's dominant tone.  The tone that made Julien's stomach twist and turn in confusion.  Was he aroused by that tone or a little afraid of it?  Deciding it didn't matter, he turned and went back into their office.

"Yes?" He asked innocently curious.

"A kiss goodbye would be nice," Alex said, just as sarcastically innocent.

Julien stalked over, leaned down, and gave his lover a quick kiss on the lips.  He jumped and yelped when Alex's hand sharply swatted him on his thigh.  "Oww."

Alex grinned at him, an evil little grin.  "Go work out."

Julien refrained from telling him that was exactly what he was going to do before he'd been called back! He quickly grabbed his wallet, phone and car keys, and half-jogged out to his car.

As he started the car, Julien thought to himself that he really didn't want to go to the gym.  But he needed to burn off the excess energy he had.  Heading toward the gym, he had a sudden thought.  He'd head to the nature center and hike the longer, more rigorous trail.  The sound of nature was more appealing than the sounds of a sterile gym, and the hike would be more invigorating.  

Driving past the gym, Julien went to the edge of town to the local nature center.  There were few parking spaces left; the beautiful day bringing out many to walk the trails.  Finally Julien found an empty space and pulled in.  He didn't bother with the indoor nature displays, but went directly to the long trail.

As he hiked he could feel the tension that had been radiating throughout his body dissipate.  He jogged for a half mile, then tired of dodging other people, slowed down to a walk.  The rainy summer had kept the flowers in bloom and the grasses tall.  After walking through the grassland preserve, Julien tackled the forested hills trail.

The cicadas chirped loudly causing Julien to smile.  The sounds of the noisy bugs were more cleansing to his mind than the sounds of the weights in the gym would have been.  Coming full circle, Julien was back to the nature center's education building, he took in a deep breath.  Or he tried to.  

All the beautiful flowers, trees and grasses had been full of pollen and Julien's sinuses protested by swelling.  He couldn't breathe through his nose.  His eyes started watering and a slight headache started in his forehead.  With a sigh, Julien headed back to his car.

As he drove, he turned the air conditioner on high in hopes the cold air would help reduce the swelling in his sinuses.  But as the air cooled his sweat drenched skin, he started to chill.  Damn it, he thought to himself. He should have taken an allergy pill before heading out.  Or he should have just gone to the gym like Alex had suggested. Turning down the air conditioner, Julien shook his head.  No, despite the allergy attack, he knew the nature trails gave him a sense of peace he wouldn't have found at the gym.

When the house came into view, Julien let out another sigh.  This one in anticipated relief of allergy medication.  Pulling into driveway, he wasted no time in getting inside.  

"Hey you," Alex greeted him in the kitchen. "You were gone longer than I expected."

Opening up the cabinet, Julien pulled out a glass and filled it with water.  He grabbed the brown prescription bottle that sat on the window sill above the sink and popped out two pills.  After swallowing the medicine, he finally turned and answered Alex.  "Hey.  I went on over to the nature center and walked a trail."

He stood still as Alex came closer. 

"You sound awful.  You're all stuffed up!" Alex said.  "Come.  I think I need to take your temperature."

Julien froze.  He knew how Alex took his temperature.  With a rectal thermometer.  And when he wasn't really sick, that often led to Alex flexing his dominance.  Wait. Julien thought.  Am I reading him wrong?  Not wanting to break what could be a mood Alex was trying to set, Julien said, "I'm sure it's just allergies.  I didn't think I'd be out in all the pollen.  The pills will take effect soon, if you need to finish up the device."

Julien shuddered deliciously when Alex gave him a stern leer.

"I'm not sure it's just allergies!  And even if I hadn't finished programming the alarm system, I would set it aside to take care of you, my sub," Alex said.  "And if you're not running a fever, a spanking might help you to remember to take your medicine before going outside."

Julien's stomach tightened as arousal flared.  He followed when Alex grabbed him by the wrist and led him in the bedroom.  

"There," Alex commanded, pointing to the bed. "Get undressed.  All the way undressed and lie down.  I'm going to get the thermometer and lube."

Julien felt a shudder run through him at Alex's tone.  He quickly stripped.  As he pulled his shirt over his head, he worried about how he must smell.  He'd built up a sweat out hiking.  Following Alex into the bathroom, Julien said, "Let me grab a quick shower.  I stink-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Alex had him bent over the bathroom cabinet and was swiftly swatting his bare backside.  "You, my boy, need to listen.  I told you to strip and lie down.  Not strip and take a shower."

Twenty words Alex spoke, and twenty times Julien felt his hand on his ass.  Suddenly he was upright again, with Alex leaning in close.  "Now. Go. Lie. Down."

Julien hurried out of the bathroom and quickly lay down on the bed.  His backside burned slightly and his front side was swelling.  When he tried to move to a more comfortable position, he felt another swat on his bum.

"Lie still."

Julien's swelling increased at Alex's bark.

"I'm going to put a bit of lube inside you to help ease the way," Alex said.

Julien felt his dominant's blunt fingertip press against him.  Letting out the breath he'd been holding, gave Alex's finger permission to slide in.  Julien groaned as Alex made sure to put the lubricant well inside him.  Then he felt emptiness when the finger was pulled out.

"Now, continue to lie still.  You don't want the glass to break," Alex said sternly.

Julien knew logically that the glass thermometer wouldn't break, but that little bit of fear was still there in his brain.  The small glass tube always felt much bigger than it really was, and today was no different. 

That glass tube increased his feeling of submission.  Which created more swelling in his front so that soon he felt he was drilling a hole in the mattress.

"It's done. I'm good," Julien mumbled.  He didn't know if he wanted the thing out or if he was just reassuring himself. 

"Not done yet, my boy," Alex said and patted his butt.  "You know it takes a full four minutes to get a good reading."

Julien groaned in protest. In desire.  In submission.

"Yes, that's it, my boy. Just relax."

Alex's words were a mixture of dominance and reassurance.  Julien melted and rode the feelings. 

"Ok, let me just slip it out and then I'll read it.  But, boy, I'm telling you now, if this is your allergies and could have been avoided by taking a pill before you went out, I will not be pleased," Alex growled.

Julien shuddered.  He wasn't sure if the shudder was in reaction to the thermometer being removed or in anticipation of the spanking he knew would follow.

"Hmm. Just what I thought.  No fever."

Julien heard the words but before he could fully process them, Alex sat down on the bed, and pulled him over his lap.

"You know your allergies are bad this year," Alex lectured as his hand snapped down after each word.  "You are a big boy. You know you should take your medicine before you go outside.  I hope this will help you to remember the next time."

With each spank, Alex's hand came down a little harder.  The lecture, the spanking, Julien was fully in submission. He twisted side to side.  Not sure if he was trying to avoid the hand or make his ass a better target. A quick flurry of spanks, and he was suddenly sure he was trying to avoid that hand.  Before he could gasp out the words, Alex stopped.

Julien felt Alex's hand stroke his cheeks.  His hand dipped between Julien's legs and he tugged on his erection.  Then Julien felt the hands slide up and between his cheeks.  Alex's finger was seeking entrance.  Julien's body obeyed without thought, spreading his legs.  He was rewarded when the finger slipped inside.

He felt the bed dip as Alex reached over and got the lubricant they'd used earlier with the thermometer.  Then he felt the cold slick being smoothed inside.  Alex's fingers scissoring him open.

"Come on, baby.  Get up," Alex groaned out.

When Alex removed his finger, Julien stood up dazed.  He watched as Alex undid his pants and pulled out his member.  "Come, boy.  Come sit on me."

Julien lowered himself down, letting Alex impale him.  Gawd, it felt so good.  Alex filled him.  His coarse leg hairs scraping erotically over Julien's sore butt.  The teasing, the dominance and submission they'd engaged in had them both reaching fulfillment quickly.

Resting his forehead against Alex's, Julien whispered, "Yeah, you got the hang of this real quick."

With a laugh from Alex, Julien found himself pushed over onto the bed.  Alex wrestled him around until they were both under the covers.  

"Nap," the dominant said sternly.

Since the man had gotten the hang of discipline and dominance, Julien decided to obey. 


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