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Fic: Life is Good

Someone on the Den wanted to have a "Throwback Thursday".  I brought out the first characters I wrote.  

Title: Life is Good
Characters:  Jason/Chase and William
Series: Navigating the World and Relationships

Life is Good

Chase gave the dog one last pat and then put her in the cage.  "See you, Coco.  You got your lunch, now it's my turn."  Chase laughed as the big Labradoodle gave a woof in response.

Walking out to the lobby area of the animal shelter, Chase bade Vera, the manager, a quick goodbye and promised to be back in an hour.  He was running a few minutes late to meet William for lunch.  He knew William was used to Chase being late for their weekly lunch, but he hated to show that irresponsible trait.  He had past his 30th birthday a few years ago and even though he didn't have a career he was finally happy in his life.  

Walking the few blocks to the Italian restaurant that they always met at, Chase let his mind drift to all that was good in his life.  He was secure in his relationship with Jason, had friends, and he had a job he loved at the local animal shelter. 

Entering the restaurant, he saw William seated at the back booth.  This was their usual table and was easily navigated to when using canes, like William and Jason did.  

"Sorry, I'm late," Chase apologized as he slipped into the booth.

"No worries, I just got here," William replied.

"You guys ready to order?" A waitress asked.

"Wanna do the large pepperoni?" Chase asked William.  After receiving a positive reply, Chase ordered the pizza and they both asked for sodas.

After the waitress brought their sodas and promised the pizza would be out soon, William shocked Chase by asking, "how did you and Jason decide to, discipline in your lives."

Chase choked on his soda.  "A little warning, please, before you ask those kind of questions!"

"I'm sorry.  You don't have to answer."

Chase watched the color creep up William's face.  "It's  ok, William. You know I'm always talking about spankings and stuff.  It's  YOU that never wants to talk about it.  Just caught me off guard." When he saw William relax, he said, "Jason brought it up when we started getting serious."

"That has to be a Top thing, because Reed did the same thing," William said.

"Probably.  And you probably said the same thing I did.  Hell no!" 

"Really?  I thought you were all for it!  You certainly talk about it openly," William exclaimed.

"Well, now I do.  Back then I wasn't so sure.  I remember telling Jason that I never had a father and was a little too old for him to adopt me."

"I'm sure that went over well," William laughed.

"Yeah, not so much.  Jason made sure I knew he wasn't applying for the job of 'father' but of a Top.  I'm sure it was much like the conversation you and Reed had," Chase said.

"Sounds like it. I just never imagined this type of relationship, you know?  It's  not like they talk about this in sex ed."

Chase snorted. "They don't even cover gay sex in sex ed!  No way would they talk about discipline."

"Exactly. So I decided to suck it up and start asking questions," William said.

"Ask away!  My life is an open book to you."

William nodded and asked, "how'd Jason bring up the paddle?"

"Jason wasn't subtle, he asked me if I thought it was time to use something more than just his hand.  William, I was pushing things hard.  You got to remember I was raised in foster care. I was doing everything I could to push him away."

"Why?  If you loved him..." William let his voice fade out.

"Well see, I was positive he couldn't love someone like me.  So I was going to push him as hard as I could to prove myself right."

"That makes no sense," William exclaimed.

"Yeah, William, it does.  You were brought up with loving, caring parents, so you can't understand what it's like to know that you are only temporarily in someone's home.  But Jason did get it.  He understood what I was doing and why.  He'd let me push him but he wasn't going to leave me.  No, he was going to push back. So he brought up the paddle and asked me if I'd like to experiment with it."


Chase laughed.  Before he could explain further, the waitress brought over their pizza.

"Here you go, guys.  You need anything else?" She asked in a bored voice.

"Thank you.  I think we're good," William answered.

Once the waitress was out of earshot, Chase said, "see you are always good.  Or you try to be.  I was the opposite.  I was bound and determined to make life hell.  For everyone, but especially for me."

Chase watched as William carefully maneuvered the pizza until he was able to get  a slice.  He knew that William protected his independence fiercely, to offer help would offend the proud man before him.  Then he grabbed a slice for himself.

"Jason got tired of it and went and got a paddle?" William asked.

Chase mumbled around a bite of pizza, "Not exactly." Swallowing, he continued, "he asked me if I was up to an experiment.  I, of course, agreed.  That's when he brought up the paddle."

"Did he already have one?"

Taking a gulp of his soda, Chase said, "No, we went together to buy one.  We went to an adult store.  Let me tell you, after wandering around that store, sex that night was fantastic!  Jason couldn't see all the cool toys and stuff, but I sure could explain them to him.  In detail!"

"I do not want to hear about your sex life!"

Laughing, Chase continued, "ok, ok.  But you need to try it some time.  Go to one and have Reed explain what all is in there."  He laughed when William wadded up a napkin and threw it his way.  "You missed by a mile!"

"I did not!  I might be blind, but with your loud mouth, I knew exactly where your head is!  Now tell me about this experiment!"

"Ok, well, we bought a paddle that night too.  Jason said before using it for discipline, he wanted to experiment with it.  Use it but not for punishment. Just a trial run. So, the next day, he had me lay across his lap."

"Weren't you scared he'd miss?" William interrupted.  "Jason has less sight than I do."

Chase laughed.  "If you can believe it, no.  I was too busy worrying how much it would hurt. Well, not until I was over his lap and felt the paddle on my ass.  Then when he lifted it, the thought that he might miss popped into my head.  Before I could say anything, it was slamming back down.  So, my first worry about how much it would hurt was answered.  William, let me tell you a paddle hurts!"

"Of course it hurts!" William laughed. "I don't need an experiment to know that!"

"Yeah, well I did.  And he wasn't even using it at full strength!  He gave me a couple pops with it and then we talked.  It was a good talk, you know?  Just by having that talk, a lot of pressure was...I don't know....gone?  It was like Jason was saying, you can push, but I'm still gonna be here.  With a paddle." Chase gave a small laugh.

"Yeah, I think that makes sense," William said.

"Why are you asking about paddles?  Is Reed thinking you need a bit" Chase asked.

"No," William said and then ducked his head. "I was playing on the internet the other night and read something about paddles.  I know I could have talked to Reed about it, but, know that side of it.  You're"

"Brat.  Come on, you can say it," Chase chuckled.  Then he got serious.  "You know, William if it bothers you being a brat, you need to talk to Reed about it."

"No, no.  I know what I am.  And I know what works for me.  And this works.  It's  just hard to say it out loud some times."

"Yeah, I guess it is," Chase agreed. "I was shocked the first time Jason said I was a brat.  But then he told me what a brat is to him.  It's  not a bad thing, just a personality type."

Chase and William continued talking and eating until Chase glanced at his phone. "Shit!  I'm gonna be late back to work!"  Quickly he handed William some money. "Here's my half. Do you mind to pay?  I really don't want to be late."

After gaining Williams assurance that he didn't mind paying, Chase dashed out the door.  Walking swiftly back to the shelter, Chase's mind drifted again to all that was good in his life.  He had a lover and partner, he had good friends, and he had a shelter full of dogs and cats that depended on him.  Yes, he thought, life was good.

The End

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