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Enoch Chapter 2

A short continuation of Enoch's story.

Title: Enoch Chapter 2
Characters: Enoch/Chandir/Wryn
Series: Another Life

"Hurry," Chandir urged over his shoulder as he struggled to hold the thrashing body still.

Wryn tried to hurry but he didn't want to make a mistake with the potent mixture of herbs that he was putting together.  The concoction would stop the seizure, but only if it was measured out correctly. If put together inaccurately, the effect would be dire.  Chandir was more than capable of keeping Enoch from hurting himself, Wryn just knew that the large dominant was worried about hurting such a fragile body.

Finally, Wryn carried the mixture over to the bed and said,  "Hold him, while I try to get him to swallow."

Wryn spooned a tiny amount of the liquid into Enoch's mouth and then gently massaged the delicate neck to encourage the muscles to swallow.  When he felt the movement of the throat, Wryn spooned a bit more into the mouth.  After he repeated the process several times, Enoch's body stopped convulsing and settled back into sleep.

"He's calm now," Wryn said to Chandir.  "It was a seizure; we knew it was going to happen.  We've been watching it play out in our minds since we gained possession of him."

"Yes, but I thought he'd turned a corner," Chandir growled.  "He's not even running a fever! Why are the seizures coming now?  He's supposed to be getting better!"

Wryn sat down tiredly.  "He is.  But he'll always carry the scars of earth with him.  His lungs have been damaged beyond repair.  His body is weak. He'll never be as strong as you or I."

"He doesn't have to be.  We'll be strong for him," Chandir declared.

Wryn smiled softly.  Chandir would always protect what was his.  And Enoch was his.  Wryn knew he would be the mediator.  He'd be the one to temper Chandir's dominance and to encourage Enoch to grow beyond his damage.

"Go to bed," Chandir's order broke through Wryn's thoughts.  "You're exhausted."

Wryn walked over to Chandir, stretched up and kissed him.  "Soon, we'll take him to our bed and show him how much he's loved. He'll be ours and we'll be his," Wryn promised.  Turning to walk to the door, Wryn was suddenly brought to his knees as he was pulled violently into a red mist.  A vision was upon him.

He watched as a world was destroyed.  Wryn could see the man in the child known as Enoch. His mind was full of images of Enoch at various ages of life. Images that showed Enoch beaten for telling of the earthquake that swallowed up his town. Of the young child being ostracized when he foretold of his parents demise.  Of time and time again being beaten, starved, ridiculed for warning others of danger to come.

Wryn's body felt what Enoch felt not so long ago.  The pain of blows to a body so much weaker than his. He felt the ache of hunger.  The sorrow and bewilderment of a small child's thoughts as he was cast away, yet again.  Wryn was transported into Enoch's mind-so full of pain and confusion.  He couldn't breathe; all he wanted was for everything to stop.

"It's ok, agape. I've got you.  I'll help you through it.  Just tell me.  What is it?" Chandir's words washed over him like a balm.

Wryn slowly felt himself being pulled back, away from the past that the vision showed him.  He took in the sight of the room, the faint scent of herbs, felt Chandir's arms wrapped tightly around him. He was safe in the present.

"The vision was of Enoch's past.  He's suffered so much, Chandir. Not just physically, but within his soul as well," Wryn softly spoke what both men already knew.

"But his future is with us," Chandir promised.  "We'll help him heal. This is my pledge to you and to him. Now, go rest. Sleep. You've been with him through the worst, your time to rest is now. I will keep watch."

Wryn didn't argue, but went to their own bed.  Even with all the worries that plagued Wryn, sleep claimed him immediately. He slept deeply for several hours.

The whisper of the wind calling his name lured Wryn back to wakefulness.  Throwing back the covers, he rushed back to Chandir and Enoch.

"He's waking," Chandir said cautiously excited.

Wryn watched as Enoch's eyes opened. He sat down on the side of the bed beside their sub. He wanted to give strength and calmness through physical closeness.  He tried to soothe the frightened young man with words of comfort. "Welcome, Enoch. We've waited for you for so long."

" know me?" Enoch rasped out.

"Here, drink. You've been ill, but do not worry, you are finally here," Wryn said, helping Enoch to sip some cool water.

"Here? Where is here?"

"You are where you were meant to be.  You complete our triad which was written before time," Chandir explained.

Wryn watched as Enoch tried to process Chandir's words.  Hoping to reassure Enoch, Wryn said softly, "Enoch, you are safe now.  You have much to learn, but we will help you. You have seen us before; in your mind's eye."

Wryn saw the fear in Enoch's eyes.  He watched in helpless pain as the young man tensed and appeared to shrink inside himself.  "Enoch.  Do not be afraid." Wryn stroked a hand down Enoch's arm, then he looked helplessly at Chandir.

"You are ours. You are a Historian."

Wryn dropped his head.  They had agreed to be cautious with Enoch.  To introduce him slowly to his heritage.  Chandir saw things in black and white, but Wryn knew that Enoch came from a world of greys.

"A Historian? I can't be a teacher," Enoch said confused. "I've not been to school."

Wryn tried to reassure the frightened young man. "Do not fear, Pais, we'll guide you."

"My name is Enoch, why do you call me Pais?  You have me confused with someone else.  I'm not Pais.  I'm not a Historian."

"Pais is from the earth's Greek language, it means boy," Wryn told him.

"You are our boy," Chandir said with pride. "You are a Historian. One who holds the past and the future.  We are honored to know what is and what will be."

"I already know what was.  I don't want to know what's in the future," Enoch pleaded.

Wryn knew that earth had no counterpart to a Historian.  Enoch would need to learn so much.  Being a Historian was an honor, but it was also a hard life to live.  They kept to themselves on Gliese, living in their own nation.  When a vision determined that they could change what was to be, a Historian would travel to the other lands of Gliese and do what they could.  To know and sometimes change what was to be was powerful and also a great burden.  This was why most Historians lived within polyamorous marriages.  They drew power, strength, comfort and healing from each other.  They just needed to show Enoch.  And they would in the days to come as Enoch grew stronger.


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