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Day's End: Attitude

I'm starting a new series with Ken and Jess.  It'll be a small series, maybe only a couple of small chapters, but its one the boys wanted told.

Day's End: Attitude
Characters: Ken/Jess

Ken pushed the button to bring the air conditioning down to 72 degrees.  Normally they kept the thermostat at 74 but after the past two days of triple digit temperatures, Ken wanted the house to be a bit cooler.  Ken and Jess both worked in construction; out in the elements.  If their home was too cool, they'd suffer more in the heat.  But both of them had been short tempered lately and Ken hoped the couple of degrees cooler would help.

The slam of a door had Tippy, the little Yorkie Jess had inherited from his father, running toward the front door, barking ferociously.  Ken wondered who's bark would be worse: Jess's or Tippy's.

"Yeah, yeah.  You're a great guard dog," Jess said to Tippy as he came in the door.

Maybe the dog's bark would be the winner, Ken thought as he watched Jess bend down and scratch Tippy's back.

"There, that's enough," Jess said to Tippy.  Straightening he looked at Ken.  "God, I need a beer.  It's been a bitch of a day!"

As Ken watched Jess stride to the kitchen to get his beer, he wondered when had they become an old married couple; not even a kiss hello.  He heard the refrigerator door open and soon after the pop and fizz of a beer opening.

"I'm heading into shower," Jess said coming out of the kitchen, then turned to walk down the hallway to the bathroom.

"Hey!" Ken barked out. He felt that small pulse of arousal start inside of him when he saw Jess freeze.  He knew Jess thrilled at the dominance Ken displayed, just as much as it excited Ken.  He never hid his own reaction that dominating Jess gave him.  Not from himself or anyone; the thrill that came when Jess submitted to him.  They'd found their perfect match in each other.

When Jess turned around, Ken gave him an evil little smile and said in a very sweet voice, "Can I have a "hi honey I'm home" kiss?"

Ken contained the smile that threatened to break out on his face when Jess stomped towards him. Once Jess was in arms reach, he grabbed him close.   Ken devoured Jess's mouth.  The bitter taste of beer.  The coldness of his tongue.  Jess's mouth was a delight that Ken explored.  God, he was hungry for this man.

Jess pulled away. "I'm sweaty. I stink. Let me shower." The abruptness of Jess's voice told Ken all he needed to know; his boy was just as horny as he was.

"You can shower after. I want you. Now." The dominance was flowing through Ken.  He wanted to take this man.  Own him.  He reached down and unzipped Jess's pants.  The sight of his boy's hard on, spurred him on.  Ken pushed Jess's pants all the way down.

"Step out," Ken commanded.  The thrill of power surged when Jess obeyed him.

Ken grasped Jess's dick and led him down the hallway. Ken wasn't gentle nor sweet as he wrestled Jess down on the bed. This was pure sex. Ken was showing Jess he had all the power.

Jess wasn't resisting. Ken felt him almost melt against his own body.  Jess's submission to him allowed the beast of power to rage.  This was a mock battle that both men needed.  Opposite sides of the same force.

By the time they were sated their body showed the marks of the passion they had just shared.  Ken lightly touched each red mark on Jess's body.  The imprints of his fingers visible on Jess's hips.  The dark bruise on his neck where Ken couldn't stop himself from taking a small bite.  These were marks of lovers who never shied away from their baser instincts.

"Come on, we'll go shower together," Ken said.  The day was ending and they still needed to eat.

Even after their explosive love making, neither man could keep their hands off of each other.  The shower, which was supposed to be quick, lasted longer then if they'd taken their showers separately.

When Ken finally stepped out of the shower, he said, "Just put on some shorts.  I'll fix up something for dinner-damn it, Tippy. Move outta the way!"

"She's just jealous," Jess said stepping out beside Ken.  He bent down and picked her up.  "I'll take her into the bedroom with me.  Just make some sandwiches. Its been too hot to eat anything heavy."

Ken walked with Jess and Tippy into the bedroom, and pulled on a pair of sweats.  Jess had put on shorts, but had laid down on the bed with the small dog.   He looked tired, more than tired, beat, to Ken's eyes.

"Don't fall asleep," he ordered. "I'll yell when they are made."

Quickly Ken made up the sandwiches, pulled out some chips, and a couple apples.  "Come on, Jess.  Let's eat!"

Ken heard Jess's heavy footsteps echo up the hall, but he didn't hear the little clicks of Tippy's nails.  When he turned around, he saw Jess holding the pup.  "You know she can walk, don't you?"  Then he laughed when Jess just scowled at him.

"Come on, let's go eat in the living room.  We can put our feet up." Ken grabbed the paper plates that held their dinner.  They'd leave their carbon foot print with the plates, but Ken was damned if he was going to wash dishes tonight.

As they sat on the couch, eating their sandwiches, Ken saw the exhaustion on Jess's face.  "Rough day?"

"No worse than usual in this heat," Jess replied absently.

Thinking about Wes, Ken's supervisor at his cabinet shop, Ken said teasingly, "no screaming at anyone?  No one running away in fear of you?"

With a laugh, Jess said, "You'll never let me live that down, will you?"

"Fuck no!  I got a damn good man out of that deal," Ken said.

"I think its the heat, I've just run out of give a fuck", Jess said tiredly.

"Maybe that's your problem.  Its amazing how resources, your own personal strength, can be effected by attitude," Ken stated.  He had never coddled Jess.  Jess never wanted that, so Ken always stated things.

"You saying I have an attitude problem?" Jess asked insult evident in his voice.

"Yeah, I think you do."

"Well you're the dom!  If I have an attitude problem, why don't you do something about it?"

Ken looked at Jess for a full minute.  When Jess finally looked away, Ken said, "Yeah, we might need to visit the club.  Or get a new toy.  But I think its more than that."

"Then what?"

"I think life has becoming easy for you.  And you, my boy, don't like easy," Ken said.

Choking on his beer, Jess coughed out, "Are you kidding me? Are you calling me a fucking drama queen!"

"No, not a drama queen.  But you don't do bored well, and maybe our life's gotten a bit boring."

"Believe me between you, work, and Tips here, I'm not bored.  And I don't have an attitude problem," Jess grumbled.

"All I'm saying is maybe we need a bit of excitement in our lives-" Ken was interrupted by the doorbell.

"What?  You ordered me a stripper?" Jess asked. "Not sure that'll improve my mood."

Laughing at Jess as he walked to the door, Ken said, "I'll beat you, fuck you, take you to the clubs, but I draw the line at cheesy strippers."

With Jess laughing softly behind him, Ken opened the door.  He stared at the two people standing on the front porch.

"Can you take an emergency placement?" Ms. Lindy asked.

Ken heard the plea in the proud woman's voice.  His eyes swung toward the young man standing next to her.  Well, it looked like their boring life just took a hike.

Part 2: Past What You See

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