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A Better Zombie

Thank you to those who've emailed me asking for more Jonah and Samuel.  I've decided to finish their storyline.   This little bit is in the future and came about due to some joking around on The Den.

A Better Zombie

Jonah suppressed his smile at the sight before him.  Samuel was laid across his knee; his long legs stretched out on one side, his face buried in the couch, and his bare, white-for-now butt right in the center of Jonah's lap.

There'd been a time, not too long ago, that Jonah didn't understand the love that went into a spanking.  All he'd knew was to use pain in order to protect his love.  Now though, a spanking was a loving deterrent, a reminder to Samuel that Jonah only wanted to keep him safe and healthy.

Jonah stroked his hand over Samuel's butt cheeks.  Samuel's back didn't hold the same rigid tension it had years ago.  His cheeks weren't clench in fear.  They were white now, but soon would be light shade of pink.  Not the angry red of the past, but just a blush on those cheeks as evidence that Samuel had been spanked.   And why was Samuel being spanked?  Zombies.  Jonah rolled his eyes at that.

In Texas the censorship had been to the extreme.  Only good, wholesome programing was allowed to be aired.  Those programs were usually older TV sitcoms like I Love Lucy and Father Knows Best.  There was a government channel and a host of religious channels.

Here in the States, Samuel and Jonah had been amazed at the television shows.  Cable networks that gave viewers a wide range of topics in which to watch.  Last night, Samuel had elected to watch a marathon of some zombie series.  Jonah had woken this morning and found all the lights in the house on, Samuel huddled up, asleep on a recliner and soda cans on the window sills.   Well, they had been on the window sills, but their newly acquired pet, a calico cat named Lily had knocked them over when she'd jumped up to look out the window.  For several minutes pandemonium reigned.  

The cat hissing and running to find a hiding place, Samuel jumping up from his recliner, knife clenched firmly in his hand, and Jonah running from his bedroom to find out what all the noise was about.

Jonah couldn't hide his smile any longer.  Thank goodness, Samuel's head was still buried in the couch.

"Ok, Samuel, tell me how you earned this spanking," Jonah said not as sternly as he should have.

"Zombies," Samuel replied woefully.

Jonah landed a sharp swat to the waiting butt and said, "Try again."

"For watching TV too late," Samuel said.

Another swat and Jonah asked, "One last time.  Why are you being spanked?"

"Because I slept with a knife and could have hurt someone," Samuel answered correctly.

"You could have hurt yourself," Jonah said with several more swats. "Putting yourself at risk will always earn you a spanking."

After a dozen or so swats, Jonah pulled Samuel up and around, then cuddled him on his lap.  This was the joy he'd come to allow himself-the cuddling after a spanking.  Cuddling, anytime they wanted.

"Sorry, Jonah.  Its silly, but I was afraid of zombies," Samuel whispered.

Jonah tilted Samuel's head and gave him a quick kiss.  "All you had to do was wake me. I'd have kept you safe. Besides, you know there are no zombies here?"

"I know there aren't zombies," Samuel said.  "Just in the middle of the night the ridiculous seems possible."

Jonah nodded his head, yes he knew of fears that could possess someone's mind in the middle of the night-some ridiculous and some not so far-fetched.  Jonah remember nights where fear had kept him up all night, worrying that their relationship would be discovered.  He smiled because he no longer had those fears and he was glad that all Samuel had to fear were unrealistic zombies.

Jonah didn't want thoughts of the nightmare they'd lived before so he bent his head and gently bit Samuel's shoulder.  "The only zombie you have to fear, is me," Jonah growled playfully and stood up, swinging Samuel up over his shoulder.

"You make a better zombie than the ones on TV," Samuel said between giggles as Jonah kept trying to bite his legs.

As soon as they were in the bedroom, Jonah carefully threw Samuel onto the bed.  "And now I'm going to eat you!"


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