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Little Fantasies: Intentional

Tarabeth issued a Renovations and Repair challenge on her Tea Room.  This is my response to it.

Little Fantasies: Intentional
Characters: Julien/Alex

Julien looked across the scarred table top of the McDonald's restaurant at Alex.  He looked tired; they both were tired. Winter had been long and work had seemed to become the focus of their lives.  Working late, grabbing dinner at fast food restaurants, quick, almost perfunctory sex before falling into an exhaustive sleep.  Julien was tired of it.  Not just the physical tiredness of working too much, but also of the mundane life they were leading.

Breaking Julien out of his thoughts, Alex asked, "Did you get the paint?"

"No, I didn't have time!  I didn't even get a lunch, let alone have time to go shopping for paint!" Julien snapped.  They'd both been in pissy moods and snapping at each other over the smallest things.

"I was just asking, Julien.  We'll just get up a little earlier and run over to the store and get it," Alex said with a sigh.

Julien sighed and watched Alex reach for his drink.  He was aware of Alex's large hand wrapping around the paper cup filled with soda.  That hand could bring such pleasure to him.  Too long ago, that hand had also given Julien a healing pain.

A couple months ago, Julien had been distracted a lot, not focusing on the here and now.  After Julien had been so distracted that he'd forgotten to pay for fuel, Alex had suggested a spanking. A spanking for something other than fun scared Julien.  Scared him enough to use his safe word.  They'd talked through his fears and Alex had delivered a thorough spanking.  As Julien thought of that, he realized that had been the last spanking he'd received.

He knew he wouldn't get one this weekend either.  They'd set aside this weekend to finally paint their kitchen.  A few weeks ago, they'd prepped their kitchen to give it a new coat of paint.  They'd taken down the wall clock, calendar, and the few pictures that hung in the room and had spackled over the small nail holes.  They'd moved the table out from against the wall and draped old sheets over all the surfaces.  That had taken most of one weekend.  The plan had been to actually paint the room the following weekend.  But that hadn't happened.  Business and family obligations had kept them busy every weekend since.

"You're not eating," Alex said. "I think you're done. Come on, let's head home."

Julien looked down at his half eaten fish sandwich. Yes, he was done eating.  And he was done with the day.  They gathered up their trays and dumped the trash in the trash can. All he wanted to do was go home and sleep.

The ride home was quiet as each man was too tired to engage in small talk.  Once they reached their house, they didn't even turn on the lights.  The two men just walked through the dark house to their bedroom.

Julien stripped to his briefs as Alex went into the bathroom to brush his teeth.  Rubbing himself, Julien wondered if either one of them had the energy for a quick round of sex.  He dismissed the idea as soon as it entered his head.  That's all they'd been doing lately, quick, frantic gropes just to relieve the tension.   When Alex walked back into the room, Julien stepped into the bathroom to brush his teeth and use the toilet.

When he came back in the bedroom, Alex was already in bed.  Slipping in beside his lover, Julien bussed a quick kiss on his lips and laid down.  They were both asleep within minutes.

Too soon, Julien was awaken by Alex giving him a quick shake and saying, "Come on, Julien, it's time to get up. We need to go get the paint."

Pulling the covers over his head and rolling to his stomach, Julien whined, "I don't wanna."

"Come on, Julien," Alex repeated, yet this time landed a gentle swat to his rear. "Let's go get the paint and get the kitchen done. It won't take us very long.  Then we can enjoy the rest of the weekend."

The little pat to his ass gave Julian an idea.  Throwing back the covers and heading towards the bathroom a plan started to formulate in his mind.  It'd been too long since they'd played.  Since they'd added that special something to their sex life.  Julien just needed to give Alex a reason. At a craft fair several months ago, Alex had had his day of intentional dominance, today would be Julien's day.  But instead of dominance, Julien would do a little intentional bratting.

Finishing his morning bathroom routine, Julian went back into the now empty bedroom.  Quickly he dressed in his shabbiest sweatpants and T-shirt.  Then he stomped into the living room and said in one of his nastiest tones, "What? McDonald's for breakfast?"

Alex sent him a quizzical look. "No I thought we'd just do cereal here at the house then run over to the store."

That sounded good to Julien, but he was on a mission, so he grouched, "Cereal? I don't want cereal."

Alex shot him another puzzled look. "Do you want McDonald's?"

"No," Julian said quickly. "Let's just eat the cereal and go get the paint."

At a black look from Alex, Julien decided to back off a bit. He wanted to do a little bratting, but he didn't want to make Alex angry.

As soon as the men were finished eating their cold cereal, they rinsed out their bowls and put them in the dishwasher.

"I'll drive," Alex said as they walked out the door.

"Yes, oh mighty lord," Julien mumbled, congratulating himself silently.  He'd mumbled just loudly enough for Alex to hear something, but not quite sure what it was he did hear.

"What?  Do you want to drive?" Alex asked.

"No. It's fine. You drive."

"Is there a problem, Julien?" Alex asked as he started the car.  "The kitchen has to be painted.  We can't keep eating out.  And it's our turn to host the Memorial Day barbecue."

Julien reached out to turn on the radio. "No. No problem.  Unless you have the radio on that god-awful station that considers 90's music the golden oldies.  And yes, yes you do!"

"Then turn the station!" Alex exclaimed.  "You are making it a point to make this a bad day.  There's no reason for it."

Julien turned the music up louder and stared out the window.  He could see the exasperation building in Alex.  He'd just have to make sure it built slowly enough that Alex finally understood what Julien wanted.

The rest of the way to the home repair store was done without speaking.  Of course, Julien had turned the radio up loud enough that they couldn't talk without yelling.

Once they were in the store, Alex told Julien to get a cart.

"Why?  We are only getting some paint!" Julien complained.

"Do you want to carry 4 gallons of paint?  The wire handles bite into the hands," Alex groused back.

"Fine!" Julien banged the cart loudly against the other carts before pushing it down the aisle.  "Great!  I got the one with a broken wheel!"

"They all have broken wheels! Stop bitching!" Alex gritted out between his clenched jaws and stalked down the paint aisle.

Julien allowed himself a small smile. This was fun.  And the thought of what was to come had him hyper aware of his ass.  Quickly, he hid his smile when Alex kneeled down to look at the paint cans.

"Here it is: sunflower yellow," Alex said and reached for the cans.


Alex twisted and looked up at him. "No?"

Julien gave an exaggerated pout and declared no once more. "I don't like the yellow."

"Seriously, Julien?  You chose this color!  I asked you if it was too bright!"

Julien shrugged and said dismissively, "I liked it then.  I don't like it now."

Still kneeling, Alex gritted out, "Julien, I swear-"

Before Alex could finish his sentence, Julien asked, "You swear what?"  Then not wanting to scare all the weekend do-it-yourselfers, he dropped his voice and taunted, "You'll spank me?"

The baffled look on Alex's face almost had Julien breaking his false pout.  "Spank you? Why would I spank you?" Alex asked.

Julien raised his eyebrows and gave Alex an expectant look. When he saw the light dawn in Alex's eyes, Julien knew that they were finally on the same page. He quickly put the pout back on his face and said, "I don't want sunflower yellow."

Alex, now understanding what was happening, adopted a stern look on his own face.  The he stood to his full height and threw his shoulders back. "Are you sure you want to go there?"

"Go where?  The only place I want to go is home. But I don't want sunflower yellow."

Julien quickly took a step back when Alex took one forward and said, "you already decided on sunflower yellow.  And that's. What. We'll. Get."

He felt a lick of desire rush through his veins as Alex gave him a look and then picked up two cans of the yellow paint, set them firmly in the cart and picked up two more.  "And we'll be happy with the yellow," Alex proclaimed as he set the last two cans in the cart.  "I think yellow is a nice color.  It goes well with hot ass red."

That lick of desire became a flash flood through his whole body with Alex's last statement.  Julien knew their day was going to hold more than just painting.

"Come on. Let's pay for this paint and go.  We have things to get done at home," Alex commanded and walked toward the front of the store.

Julien felt like a happy little puppy following along after Alex.  A happy HORNY little puppy.  He knew if he had a tail it'd be wagging as he continued to follow Alex out to the car after they'd paid for the paint.

Starting the car, Alex reached over and turned the radio off. "I've had more than enough music today.  Let's talk on the way home." His voice held a mixture of menace and amusement.

Now Julien wasn't only aware of his ass, but of his sweatpants tenting out. "What do you want to talk about?"

"Hmm.  I don't know.  What about what you should expect when you get home," Alex said sternly.

"I expect I'll get a paint brush and start painting the kitchen that god-awful yellow," Julien quipped.

"The paint that you picked out. And yes, you'll get a brush and paint the kitchen. Eventually."

"I'll be painting?  That's not fair! What are you going to do?" Julien groused.

With a hint of menace in his voice, Alex growled, "I'll help some.  But I need to see how well that yellow is going to go with fire-engine red. So I'll be doing some observing as well as painting."

The banter continued with Alex's voice taking on a stern, deep tone. Julien tried to keep the bratty attitude but was finding it more and more difficult as Alex's dominance increased.  Julien was panting and aching by the time they pulled up to their house.

"Grab a couple of those cans," Alex said as they got out of the car.

He grabbed two of the paint cans, watched as Alex picked up the other two.  Then Julien followed Alex into the house.

"Let's put these in the kitchen and then we'll take care of business in the living room."

Julien felt no shame as he followed along happily behind Alex.  They put the cans on the sheet covered table.  As soon as their hands were free of the paint cans, Alex grabbed Julien by the wrist and pulled him into the living room.

"I don't think you'll need these," Alex said as he swiftly pulled Julien's sweatpants down.  Julien was forced to step completely out of the pants when Alex took his hand again and towed him toward the couch.

Alex sat down then reached out and stroked Julien's jutting shaft. Julien groaned at the feeling of the strong sure hand gripping him.

"And why is this out to play?" Alex asked still stroking the hard member. "It's not playtime; this is punishment."

At Alex's words, Julien grew even harder. This is what had been missing from their lives lately.  This dream state of arousal and apprehension.

"Come on, boy. Over you go," Alex said, letting go of Julien and firmly pulling him over his lap.

Julien silently thanked Alex for making sure he was situated just so. His hard cock tucked between Alex's thighs.

"Do you know why you're in this position?" Alex asked as he ran a hand up and over Julian cheeks.

That hand stroking over his bare ass had Julien moaning out loud. "Yes."

"Well?" Alex asked. "Why are you getting a spanking?"

"I was a brat," Julien said.

A quick slap to his butt had Julien gasping.

"You were intentionally brattinng," Alex corrected him with another slap on his ass.

"Yes," Julien gasped out and squirmed over Alex's hard legs, settling more comfortably on the hard lap.

"And why were you intentionally bratting?"  Again his hand slapped down.

"I don't know," Julian whined.

"You don't know?"

"No?" Julian asked more than answered.

A few more slaps and then Alex said, "No? I think you do know. You've been feeling neglected.  You need a reminder of who's in charge.  Of who can stop you when you are spinning out of control."

Julien thrust his butt up, wanting to feel that hand crash down again.  Alex didn't disappoint; he rained down several more swats.  Each one harder than the last.

"Remember this is punishment. You've been asking for it all morning," Alex said sternly. "And I will always give you what you ask for."  Then he proceeded to give Julien a spanking that he'd feel for several hours. One that Alex could admire for most of the day.

By the time Alex had delivered the last slap, Julien was twisting and turning.  Yes, he'd wanted this.  He knew the stress and tension of the past weeks would be driven out with each swat.  For both of them. Alex needed this as much as Julien did. But still, it hurt.  Even though he'd gone soft, mentally he was just as aroused.  He knew that if Alex continued to stroke and pet his hot butt, he'd be hard again soon.

"Has the brat been satisfied?" Alex asked.

"Mmmm hmmm," Julien hummed out. Then yelped,  "OUCH!" as Alex gave one final slap.

"Good.  Now we can get that kitchen painted," Alex declared.

"Seriously?  You want to paint now?"

"Yes. I told you that yellow would go great with a hot ass red.  And now I can see if I was right."

Pushing himself to his feet, Julien reached for his discarded sweatpants.

"Uh, uh, uh," Alex drawled out.  "No pants. I can't see the red against the yellow if you cover up."

Julien knew the kitchen would get its coat of paint, but the grin on Alex's face promised there'd be other activities as well.  Neither one of them were quite as tired as they had been.  And all it took was a little intentional bratting.


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