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Drabble: Signs

A challenge was issued and I couldn't resist.  The challenge was to write a drabble, ficlet or story about "swats".   There were 3 kinds of swats to choose from:  

1). the fun/playful/erotic swat
2). The warning swat
3). The swat that promises a lot more are going to come

I chose all three :)


The signs were there. But just like a speeding car, I flew past them.  I REALLY need to pay more attention to signs.

The first one came early in the morning.  A playful swat, similar to the children at play signs by play grounds and schools.  A cheery grin, accompanied by a light tap on my butt.  The day would be fine...if only I'd quit obsessing.

But a quick glance at an email, early in the afternoon and that what I'd been fretting about was once again at the forefront of my mind.  His hand was soon at the backside of my body.  A caution sign telling me to yield.

Early evening and a comment taken the wrong way.  Feelings, that I try hard to deny I even have, are hurt.  Then his hand swiftly and firmly lands on my seat.  I've blown past the flashing red light of the railroad crossing and right in the path of a freight train.  There is no turning back at this point.  I've crashed through the protective barriers that tried so hard to stop me.  It's too late now.  This last swat held the promise of too many more to come.

Lying next to each other, the day is finally done.  No sounds, no lights, no judgement and suddenly I see the detour sign; sleep will be delayed.  I roll over and pour out my worries.  He listens, then offers suggestions and ideas to help me over the rough roads ahead.  The barriers, that I've put up, are torn down, we reach out to each other.  The last sign I see as we come together is welcome home.


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