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Little Fantasies: Armageddon

Title: Little Fantasies: Armageddon
Characters: Alex/Julien

"Have the police been here?" Julien asked breathlessly as he rushed into the house. "Have they called?"

"What?  Why would the police call?" Alex asked as he came out of the kitchen.

"It was a mistake! I was just busy and distracted! Totally my fault, but still they didn't have to call the police!" Julien babbled.

"Julien. Stop." The tone in Alex's voice stopped Julien's ramble. "Now, take a deep breath, and tell me what happened."

"I was up at Bakersville and stopped to get fuel, I knew I wouldn't make it home on what was in the tank so I stopped."

"Ok.  Good idea," Alex said. "Why would the police be concerned about that?"

"They wouldn't. Unless I didn't pay," Julien confessed and then, when he saw the look on his lover's face, hurried to explain. "See, Maggie was texting me and Robert was emailing me. I was texting and emailing them back on my phone as I filled up. I went in to pay and as soon as I stepped inside the station, Eric called. I walked back outside cause I couldn't hear him over the cash register and a baby that was crying. It was about that new account at work and it's cold outside so I got in my car to talk to him."

Julien looked toward Alex again.  He could tell by the look on Alex's face that Alex knew exactly what he'd done. But Julien felt compelled to finish the whole sorry story.

"As I was talking to Eric, I just lost track of what I was doing. Once we were finished discussing the new client, I started the car and just drove away.  About an hour later it hit me; I hadn't paid. I pulled over at the first place I could find. I looked up the gas station's phone number and called them."

When Julien didn't say anything more, Alex asked, "And?"

"And I promised to come back and pay.  They said that it was their company's policy to call the police at what they call "drive-offs".  And that they couldn't call and tell the police it was a mistake UNTIL I went in and paid. The lady on the phone said that they've had so many drive offs that they'd installed cameras and with the camera the police had my car and license plate number! But once I'd paid they'd call the police and clear it up with them."

Julien paused when Alex walked toward the hall closet and took out his coat, and then his voice rose in alarm. "What are you doing?  You're leaving me?  I didn't mean to!"

"Seriously, Julien?" Alex asked in exasperation. "Come on. I'll drive you up there and we'll get it paid.  We'll take my car."


Almost 4 hours later, the men walked back into their small house.  The ride to the gas station and back had been mostly quiet.  Julien had been too anxious for small talk.

"Thanks," Julien said as they took off their coats. "I can't believe I was so distracted. I've never done that before!"

"You've been distracted a lot lately. You've taken on a lot at work and your mind is on too many things at once," Alex scolded in a gentle voice.

"I know. I really need to learn to say no. I'm full at work, I can't really take on another client," Julien agreed. "My focus is non-existent at the moment!"

Alex looked at him and said, "I think I can help you with that. I think you need a spanking."

Julien could only stare at Alex. A spanking? This isn't how they'd led into spankings before.  And what did Alex mean about him needing a spanking? Suddenly, he felt his heart start to race, his stomach dropped, his mouth went dry yet perversely he needed to swallow too. These weren't the type of feelings he associated with a spanking!

"Armageddon," Julien croaked out.  He wished he had said it with confidence, but instead there was a lift at the end making it sound more like a question.  Not to mention his voice had cracked in the middle of the word.  He'd gone through puberty many years ago, so why was his voice cracking now? He thought this briefly before his attention was brought back to Alex.

"OK," Alex's voice mirrored Julien's questioning tone.

"You said I needed a safe word.  When this first started. Well, not first started, cause I think this started in my teens for me.  But when you first started.  On Valentine's Day.  You said Armageddon." Julien stopped.  He was babbling.  He never babbled! When had he started rambling on like an idiot?  Oh, yeah.  Right after Alex said he wanted to spank him.  For something real.  Not from roleplaying.  Not from intentional bratting or intentional dominance.  But for a real crisis.

Alex blinked at him.  "Yes.  Yes, I did give you a safe word.  I thought you'd use it if I was spanking too hard or something.  I didn't think you'd use it before a spanking.  But yeah, I guess you can use it now."

"Good." After that statement, Julien didn't know what else to say or do so he just stood there looking at Alex.  Then his jaw dropped when Alex stood up and dropped a kiss on his cheek as he walked by.

"I'm going to jump in the shower, then go to bed. It's been a long night," Alex said and then, as he walked out of the room, tossed over his shoulder, "Are you coming?"

"Wait! What? You're going to bed now?"

"Yes," Alex drew out the word.  He had turned back to face Julien, and then walked back into the living room. "Julien, you safe worded. That's it. We stop. That's what the safe word is there for."

Julien gaped at Alex. "We don't talk about it? We don't talk about why I used the safe word?"

Alex scratched his head as he walked over to the couch and sat back down. "Um, I'm not really sure, Julien. I read about safe words almost a year ago.  When you first started leaving all the clues that you wanted this. You haven't used it until now, so I'm not sure what we do.  The websites I read said that the safe word was sacred.  That you stopped whatever it was you were doing. So, I stopped."

Julien crossed over and sat down beside Alex. "I think we're supposed to talk about why I used it." Julien stopped talking abruptly when he realized he didn't know why he'd used the world ending term. Julien mind started racing with questions. Why did I stop? Why did I say the safe word?

"OK, why did you say Armageddon?"

Julien groaned when Alex asked him the very question he had just asked himself. All the brats in the stories on the Internet mentioned that they wanted their tops to read their minds, and he was the lucky one to actually GET a mind reading top, Julien thought sarcastically.

"Why did you pick now to start reading my mind?" he asked.

Alex laughed. "Julien, you don't have a subtle bone in your body. I can read almost every thought you have by the expressions on your face and the way you hold your body! It was kind of obvious to me that you wanted me to ask you about your safe word; that you wanted me to say something."

"Then why didn't you read me when I said Armageddon?" Julien asked.

"Probably for the exact same reason you said it.  This is new.  I was scared.  This isn't one of the games we play."  Alex looked Julien straight in the eyes, starting to figure out why Julien had used his safe word.  "That is why you used your safe word, isn't it?"

"My stomach dropped, and not in a good way," Julien said and then dropping his voice to a whisper continued, "I didn't get hard."

Alex cocked his head at Julien.  "You didn't get hard?  That's why you used your safe word?"

"Yes! No! It just felt real."

"It was real. It is real," Alex said.

"Were you mad?" Julien asked.  When Alex didn't answer right away, Julien decided to answer for him. "You were!  You were mad!"

"No, Julien," Alex stated firmly.  "I wasn't mad.  I'm not mad. Don't jump to conclusions. I was trying to figure out how to answer you.  No, I wasn't mad. But that doesn't mean I'll never be mad or get angry.  I can't promise that if something happened that could hurt us, that I wouldn't be mad. You made a mistake. You didn't hurt me, or you, or our relationship."

"Then why did you say I needed a spanking?" Julien asked.

"For two reasons really. One: some of the stories you sent me talked about a spanking alleviating guilt. And two: maybe a spanking would help you focus better."

Julien thought over Alex's words. This was a new kind of spanking, one they hadn't explored yet. He loved the erotic spankings Alex gave him. The role-playing spankings turned him on. But this?  This seemed real. It WAS real. The feelings that were rioting inside him were different than what he'd felt before.

Amazingly, the clash of feelings felt right to him. Julien wondered if this spanking would leave him calm in the same way that the play spankings had left him feeling sated. He suspected that the anxiety he'd felt all evening would be dispelled with the slap of Alex's hand. The spanking would hurt, he had no doubt of this, but that pain would also leave no room for guilt.

"OK," he said with newfound confidence.

"OK? OK, what? Julien, you have to spell it out here."

"OK, I want a spanking." His stomach dropped a little more and his dick didn't know whether to stand at attention or shrink inside of him, but Julien hadn't felt so sure of himself in a long time.

Alex stretched his feet out to push the coffee table away; giving them a little more room, as Julien stood up and undid his pants. When Alex met his eyes, he pushed his trousers and underwear all the way down and stepped out of them.

Alex held out his hand, Julien followed him proudly.  He wasn't a lamb being led to the slaughter, he was a man who knew what he wanted and needed. Julien didn't need the helping hand Alex offered to guide him across Alex's lap, but he took it anyway. They were in this together.

The first slap of Alex's hand was nothing like Julien had experienced before. There'd always been teasing, caressing: a scene set up to get them in the mood. But this was a type of punishment and it certainly felt like it.

The spanking wasn't harsh yet Julien knew he'd still be feeling tender come morning, but as the spanking reached its conclusion, Julien's rioting emotions of before were quietened.

He felt Alex rub his back as he lay there gasping.

"Feel better?" Alex asked.

Julien squirmed around until he was straddling Alex's lap. He lowered his head and kissed Alex tenderly.  "Yeah, I am feeling better. I'm calm, sore, but calm. As crazy as this whole day has been, Armageddon came and went, and I feel better."



  1. That's definitely an interesting take on the spanking as a punishment scene. I liked how they talked about the safe word and how Julien accepted what he needed.

    1. Thank you so much Chris T. Kat! I know using a safe word with a discipline story wouldn't be the most popular story, but I'd been thinking about writing this since the first Julien and Alex story. I'm so glad you liked it!