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Little Fantasies: Dominant Care-taking

A little story with the naughty thermometer.

Little Fantasies: Dominant Care-taking

Characters: Alex/Julien

Warning: rectal thermometer


Climbing out of bed, Julien felt a little off.  He didn't necessarily feel sick, although he did feel some sinus pressure from his allergies, but that wasn't really being ill.   No, it wasn't a physical feeling, it was more an emotional need.

Fumbling into the bathroom, completing his morning routine of using the toilet, washing his face and hands, and brushing his teeth, Julien wondered about this unidentified need.  He and Alex had been pretty busy.  Work had extended well past the typical 40 hour work week for the past month.  The previous 4 weeks or so, they'd both logged in close to 60 hours each week.

Maybe that was it, Julien thought.  Maybe he was missing their time together.  Not just their time, but the play that had been incorporated into their relationship.   The gruff tone that Alex would use when he wanted to show his dominance.  The by-play of words that they'd both use to create an atmosphere for discipline.  The intentional bratting Julien would do to encourage Alex to heat his ass.

Thinking about it, Julien didn't feel up to bratting today.  He just wanted some attention, not ATTENTION.  The pressure in his sinuses wouldn't be helped hanging head down over Alex's lap.  Opening up the cabinet above the sink, Julien reached for the sinus tablets.  His hand accidentally brushed over something interesting.  The "naughty" thermometer.

Picking it up, Julien realized what it was he wanted.  He wanted some dominant care-taking.  He was a grown man, and knew he could take care of himself, but the thrill of having another man dominating him while comforting him at the same time, not only comforted his soul, it also was a huge turn on. 

Quickly swallowing a couple of sinus pills, Julien carried the thermometer with him into the kitchen.  He kept the small rod, hidden in his hand.  He wanted to test the waters first.  He wanted to make sure Alex would be on the same page as him.  And he didn't want to ask for it.  That might break the melancholy mood that he was in.

Shuffling into the kitchen, Julien saw Alex at the table with a cup of coffee in his hand and the newspaper spread out on the table.

"Coffee's still pretty fresh," Alex said absently.

"Bet it's been there for hours," Julien grumbled out.  "It'll be so bitter, I won't be able to taste anything the rest of the day."

"I've not been up that long, it's fresh.  But you can always have orange juice instead," Alex said helpfully.

"I don't want orange juice, I want coffee," Julien snapped.  At Alex's raised eyebrows, Julien reminded himself that he wasn't going for a spanking.  And he hadn't wanted to intentionally brat.  Intentional or not, he knew the brat vibe was flowing through the air.

Deciding to try the already brewed coffee, Julien poured himself a cup.  Taking a sip, he felt the elixir of life flow through his body.  A little caffeine and some dominance from his partner and the day might turn out to be pretty good.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed," Alex commented.  "Maybe you need to go back and get another hour of sleep."

It wasn't the words that were spoken that gave Julien a little hope; it was the tone that Alex used.  Spoken with just the right amount of sternness that gave Julien an opening.  With a hint of whine and a touch of belligerence, Julien mumbled back, "I can't sleep anymore.  My sinuses are so full, the pressure woke me up."

Taking his cup of coffee, Julien sat down at the table.  Casually, he placed the thermometer next to his cup.  Keeping his face down, Julien lifted his eyes just a little to see Alex's reaction.

There it was.  A small, knowing smile on Alex's face.

"Your sinuses?" Alex asked.  "Are you coming down with something?"

"No," Julien said. "I just don't feel great today.  People don't have to feel great every day!"

"Hmmm," Alex hummed.  "Upset sinuses and irritable.  Often the signs someone is coming down with something."

Julien watched as Alex took his cup to the sink and rinsed it out.

"We've been working a lot of hours, and not eating right.  And that's a recipe for illness," Alex said.  He picked up the thermometer.  "Come.  I think we need to see if you're running a temperature."

Julien's off mood was starting to dissipate as Alex took his arm in a firm grip and helped him to stand up.  Alex grip left no room for struggling.  And Julien didn't really want to struggle.

"Have you taken anything for the sinuses?" Alex asked.

"Yes, before I came in."

"Did you take a fever reducer?"

"No.  I told you I'm not sick.  It's just my sinuses!" Julien decided a little brattiness was ok.

A firm and well placed swat against his boxer covered butt, convinced Julien that he was right in bratting just a little.  A few swats on his behind created a nice warm feeling in his stomach.

"Ok! Ok! You don't have to go all cave-man on me," Julien snapped out.

"Apparently I do." Alex brought his hand down a few more times.

That funny, warm feeling grew in Julien's stomach.

"Lie down on your stomach," Alex said as they walked into the bedroom.   Instead of letting Julien's arm go, Alex helped him lie down.  Pushing a pillow under Julien's groin, his ass became the focal point.

Julien started to push his boxers down when he felt another swat.  "Hey!" He grumbled.

"Hey, yourself.  I'll take down your pants.  You just lie there," Alex said sternly.

Julien's senses were heightened and he felt the cool air on his butt as Alex pulled his boxers all the way to his knees.

"Stay there.  I need to get some lube so the thermometer will glide in easier."

Julien heard Alex go into the bathroom.  He felt the flush rise to his face and he squirmed a bit.  Feeling self conscious and embarrassed as he lay there with his butt up and bare.  Time seemed to stand still as he waited for Alex.

"Here it is.  I finally found it," Alex said as he came back into the bedroom.

"Finally!" Julien bit out sarcastically.  Another swat to his ass followed.  This one a bit harder than the others.

"Do you need a spanking to calm you down?" Alex asked sharply.

At Alex's tone, Julien felt his butt clench.  Briefly he wondered what was wrong with him that this kind of dominance was both a turn on and a comfort to him.  That thought fled his mind as he felt Alex's hand on the crack of his ass.

"I need to make sure you are slick enough, I don't want to hurt you," Alex said.

Julien felt both embarrassed and comforted as Alex almost clinically parted his cheeks and rubbed lube into him.  Alex's long, thin finger entered him, making sure he was slicked up.

"I want you to hold still now.  I'm putting the thermometer in and it needs to stay in for 4 minutes."

Julien felt the glass rod enter him.  How such a small piece of glass could feel so big and intrusive, Julien didn't know, but he was very much aware of the thermometer.  He swayed his hips back and forth a little.

"Hold still, Julien," Alex cautioned.  "If you keep moving, I'm going to take it out and spank you.  Then we'll start over again.  Do you want that?"

"No.  I'll be still," Julien promised.  As he talked he could feel the small tube moving.  "I'll stay still."

Alex's hand patted his butt in warning. "That's a good idea."

The 4 minutes that Julien lay there with his bottom exposed and a thermometer inside him seemed like the longest and shortest time of his life.  But eventually Alex pulled it out.

"No fever," Alex said.

"I told you!" Julien grumbled.

"Still irritable, I see.  Well, I think you are coming down with something, and I want to be on top of it.  So, I think we'll need to take your temperature a couple more times today."

Julien's butt and stomach clenched at Alex's words.  The words were spoken in a no nonsense tone of voice.  It was the dominant care-taking that Julien had thought of earlier.  Those words, that tone, brought comforting, conflicting emotions inside him.

Julien felt the bed dip as Alex climbed in beside him.  Then his boxers were removed.

"We'll leave these off for awhile to give me better access," Alex said.  "Let's get another hour or so sleep, and maybe you'll get up on the other side of the bed."

Julien snuggled back against Alex; his butt cradled in Alex's groin, and his chest held securely as Alex wrapped his arm around him.  He didn't feel quite so off as he had when he'd first woken, and his sinus pressure seemed to have lessened.  Slipping into a  light doze, Julien knew the rest of the day would be pretty good.




  1. Dizzy,

    that's such a tummy tingler. I love the way you described Julien going for what he needed and the way Alex responded.

    Is this a new couple of yours? I'd love to read more about them.

    ~ Chris

    1. Hi Chris T Kat!

      Alex and Julien are part of my Little Fantasies series. I'm really enjoying them because I can take them (and myself) out of the comfort zone.

      LOL, well the naughty thermometer is NOT outside my comfort zone, I just wanted another story with it.

      I'm glad you stopped by!

    2. I can't wait for another story with it, either!
      Great little piece!

    3. I'm glad you liked this story with the "naughty" thermometer. I don't have any other's on the drawing board, but it's nice to know you enjoy these.

  2. This was a sweet little story. I really enjoyed the sub knowing what he wanted.

    1. The sub in this series does know exactly what he wants and he's not ashamed of it. I like that about this guy.

      Thanks for commenting.