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4th of July Fireworks!!!

Jess’s body twisted as the sting blossomed over his ass. As much as his mind hungered for this, his body instinctively moved; sometimes twisting away, sometimes rising to meet the hand that kept landing with some force on his ass.
The involuntary movement of his body allowed Jess to feel the hard bulge that was Ken. His own cock, hard and leaking twitched at the knowledge that Ken was as aroused as he was. No shame, guilt, or punishment, this was raw, carnal desire. For both of them.
Jess stilled as Ken’s arm reached around and under Jess, finding his hard-on and grasping it firmly. A few more slaps and a pump or two more had Jess cumming over Ken’s hand. Jess took only a minute to catch his breath before sliding off Ken’s lap, kneeling between Ken’s knees.
Slowly running his tongue from the base of Ken’s penis up to the head, Jess looked up into Ken’s face. The pure need on his face urged Jess on and soon his mouth was filled as Ken found his own release.
Still on the floor between Ken’s knees, Jess grinned at Ken. “Fire ban, hell. I still got to see fireworks.”

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