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The Reunion

As he knelt there by his top, he took a deep breath and decided to confess all to him.

"Hey babe, sorry I wasn't here to meet you. But DADT hadn't been revoked yet, and I didn't want to take any chance of you being dishonored. I know. I can hear you now. That it's your job to protect me. You're the top." He hung his head down as he whispered, "But tops need to be protected too."

He shifted a little closer as people walked by.

"I don't want you to worry. I'm doing ok. I'm working a lot, but I remember your orders to not work too many hours. Well, most of the time. And I'm eating pretty good. Maybe a little too good, I've gained a bit too much." He patted his stomach. "Yes, yes! I'll start doing the work out I promised you I'd do and cut out the carbs."

He changed the subject quickly; his unhealthy lifestyle always a bone of contention between them.

"You'd be so proud and happy to see the soldiers coming out. There are some wonderful reunions taking place; rainbow flags, kissing in public, and everything." He laughed softly. "Your kisses always made my knees weak, so maybe it's best we waited until we were near a bed."

He sat in silence awhile, just taking in the presence of his top. As the sun began to set, he knew it was time to leave.

He stood and dusted the dirt from his knees. Laying a hand on the headstone, he assured his top one last time that he was making it. He turned and walked past the rows of fallen soldiers, to his lonely house.

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