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Character Questions Answered by Jess and Ken

I've been stalled on writing. I've several stories started but struggling to finish them.  JL posted a few fun character questions for our characters to answer.  Jess decided to play along with Ken.  Hopefully, this will spark me to finish the stories I've started.

Title: Saturday Afternoon
Characters: Ken/Jess 

The post caught Jess's attention. He didn't often comment on the group, but he did like to read what all the members posted.  Since it was stated that anyone could play, he decided to see what kind of questions were asked.

*Name three random facts about yourself

“Three random facts about myself?” Jess mumbled to himself. “What kind of facts?”

“Something they might find interesting about you.”

Jess jumped as Ken came up behind him. He hadn't heard him walk up behind him. “Hey. Um. I was just playing around on the laptop. It’s been kind of a slow Saturday.”

“It’s been a slow day because you are grounded. That’s the whole point of being grounded. I saw that post a couple days ago. They are asking to tell three interesting things about you.”

Red stained Jess’s cheeks. He refused to lower his head. He couldn’t show weakness. Not even in front of his husband. Ignoring the pointed comment about being grounded, Jess grumbled, “This is silly. There’s nothing interesting about me.”

Ken tilted his head and looked at Jess.

Jess couldn’t stop his body from squirming. When Ken looked at him like that his whole body reacted. Clearing his throat, he mumbled out, “They’ve been reading about me for years. I’m an open book.”

Ken threw his head back and laughed. “My boy, I’ve been with you for years. I’ve kissed every inch of that hard body. I’ve paddled your ass red. I’ve held you as you came apart in my arms. And helped you pull yourself back together again. All that and I still don’t know everything about you!”

Knowing Ken wasn’t going to let this go, Jess decided to throw out a couple answers. “Fine! Three random facts about me. One: I sleep in the nude. Two: Steak is my favorite meal. Three: I don’t care for heights,” Jess barked out and then reached out to turn off the laptop.

“Wait! Let’s see what else it asks,” Ken ordered.

*Name a movie you can't help crying over

Jess rolled his eyes as Ken read off the next question. “Men don’t cry at movies,” he dismissed the question. Then when Ken tilted his head again, said, “Don’t look at me like that. We don’t!”

“I don’t know where you get your facts, but men do cry at movies. Old Yeller had me bawling my eyes out. What you are saying is you’ve not cried at a movie. But what about that Thai commercial you saw on YouTube?” Ken asked softly.

Stubbornly keeping his face averted, Jess said, “I wasn’t crying. My eyes had been watering because I’d been looking at the computer too long. Just like now. We should turn it off and go do something.”

“You’re grounded, remember? And we only have a couple more questions. Now, for the next one.” Ken read the next question out loud.

*Tell us something you would never do

“That’s an easy one. I’d never get a Prince Albert,” Jess answered. Just the thought of a needle or metal going through his most valued jewels made him wince.

Ken laughed as he saw Jess’s hands protect his groin. Then he leaned in and kissed him on the side of his head. “Good. I’d have something to say about that. Now, what is something I’d never do?”

Jess turned and watched Ken. His body warmed and tingled when Ken looked at him.

“I’d never. Ever. Hurt you.”

Jess swallowed hard at Ken’s fervent promise. “For fun questions, these are kind of deep.”

Ken smirked. He knew how uncomfortable his boy got when it came to opening up to his own emotions. He was growing. They were growing. But it was still hard. He turned back to the computer and read the last question.

*If you could rename yourself, what name would you choose?

“I’ve never thought about a different name,” Jess said. “Maybe a different spelling. Most men named are named Jesse with an e. But I’m ok with what I’m named.”

“Yeah, it’s not something I’ve really thought of. I’d keep my name too. But I would change Tippy’s name,” Ken replied.

Looking down at the little grey Yorkie, Jess asked, “What would you change it too?”

“Something really tough. Something butch. Something like ‘killer’ or ‘duke’. Give her some street cred.” Ken patted his lap and the little dog jumped onto his lap.

Jess reached out and ran his calloused hand over the soft fur. “Don’t listen to him, Tipster. Your name is perfect.”

Tippy licked his hand and gave a short bark. Then she jumped down and ran to her bed.

“Smart dog,” Ken said. When Jess looked at him questioningly, he continued, “She’s taking a nap. We should do the same.”

Jess turned off the computer moments before Ken grabbed his hand. Maybe being grounded wasn’t that bad if he was going to get Saturday afternoon sex.


The commercial Jess’s eyes teared up at: